It’s the Rivalry, Stupid!

More proof that Alex "Slappy" Rodriguez just doesn’t get the whole Boston-New York rivalry, and that there’s something missing in his competitive intellect.  Is there any more evidence needed that he’s playing in the wrong market than this article in the Boston Globe, detailing Slappy’s confusion at the chatter emanating from Curt Schilling?  A sample quote:

Rodriguez, on a conference call yesterday, said he found Schilling’s frequent public statements about the Yankees "odd."

Wake up, Alex, you’re playing a role in part of the biggest rivalry in sports history, one that has gotten even bigger over the last 12 months.   How can you not understand this after your past year of involvement (and THIS past year, of all of them)?  It seems that you would be better off out of the spotlight and back at your normal position, for everyone’s sake.

(postscript:  And A-Rod, you may want to lay off the tasteless tsunami metaphors. Referring to your travails as ""kind of like being out in the Atlantic Ocean and having a wave, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger" seems just a tad bit insensitive, at this point).

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  • Au contraire, mon frere. I think ARod may finally be waking up to the rivalry. It required the fiasco of the ALCS, perhaps, for him to realize what it’s truly about (even ‘Tek’s glove to the face wasn’t quite enough), but I think his comments indicate that he’s engaged for real at this point. Or at least one would hope. I mean, you still get the sense that he’s basically in AlexWorld (‘Coming in for me was totally different than most players. I think you have to ask Rocket, myself, probably Randy and the upper-echelon-type of player, because there’s a much grander responsibility that comes along with being who I am….’), but at least he was maybe humbled a little bit by stinking up the joint during the ALCS. You can tell that Schilling is getting way under his skin (and mine, too–can’t stand that arrogant prick), and hopefully that’ll translate into some big hits this coming season.

    Spidey January 22, 2005, 11:26 am
  • ARod is off-target here: as he’s proved time and again, his true nemesis is Bronson Arroyo.
    Either way, I’m hoping somebody deals “that arrogant prick” ARod some high cheese, first time he steps into the box against the Sox. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, actually. Just a friendly reminder from your current, reigning world champs that whiney-b**** tactics will not be tolerated, regardless of salary.

    Sam January 22, 2005, 12:19 pm
  • I think Spidey is offering some wishful thinking. That it took A-Rod until this offseason to recognize the rivalry, if he has even done that (referring to Schilling’s constant reminders of the rivalry as “odd” ought to bring suspicion to that claim – there’s nothing “odd” about stoking the Boston/NY fires at all) is pretty lame. How a ballplayer enters the Boston/New York conflagration following a heated and mythical ALCS won by Aaron Boone, a heated offseason in which he was nearly dealt to Boston and then successfully sent to New York, and an immediate and intense early season series (both YF and I were there in April), and then supposedly and finally figures out there’s something in this rivalry in JANUARY OF THE NEXT YEAR is beyond me.
    Keep hope alive, Spidey.

    SF January 22, 2005, 2:33 pm
  • As a Yankee fan, it pains me to say this, but: Alex Rodriguez is apparently a tremendous prick, for those who can’t tell. A guy I work with played college ball with Jon Lieber, who was just in town to have his uniform number retired. They had a banquet and he had a chance to talk to him a little bit. The jist of it is, A-Rod never said a single word to Lieber all season, not even a good game or anything. And apparently, Jeter and Rodriguez still hate each other’s guts. Rodriguez barely even gets on the team bus after games, he usually drives an Escalade around afterwards. Just in case anyone cares, I thought I’d clue everyone into Yankee Junior High.

    JeremyM January 22, 2005, 2:37 pm
  • Could it possibly be SF might just slightly be reading a bit too much into Arod’s comments? Couldn’t we just read this as Arod being tired of Schilling’s mouth, and then sounding off in his own self-indulgent way? If he puts his best game out on the field–and is anyone claiming he isn’t trying to do that–do I care who he sits next to on the team bus?

    YF January 22, 2005, 4:28 pm
  • Dunno, YF. A-Rod’s on the record here, so there’s not much to read “into” his comments – there’s no subtext at all. The historical and current text: A-Rod comes to town with a rep for being a selfish you-know-what, concerned about his own performance more than anything, goes on to prove himself an un-clutch, slap-happy prima donna (though not of the wall-punching variety like some others we know), then talks about how Schilling chirping about the biggest rivalry in all of sports is “odd” (which it most definitely isn’t) amongst other things, and speaks on behalf of Captain Perfect et al. that the Yankees can’t wait to “beat him up”. My guess: A-Rod’s best game isn’t at third base, unfortunately for him, and it’s also not best shown in a shared spotlight, no matter how magnanimous he wants to come off.

    SF January 22, 2005, 4:53 pm
  • How do you read too much into what ARod said? It’s not like he was dealing in insinuations or innuendo: one thing I’ve noticed about Slappy so far, subtlety isn’t one of his strong suits.
    I like that about him, actually. Makes him much more entertaining.

    Sam January 23, 2005, 11:43 am

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