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J.A. vs. A.P.: Phillies-Yanks Gamer II

Interleague play at the Stadium is televised on FOX today. Here’s hoping Andy gets another winning streak going this afternoon. Comment away.

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Melky takes a strike to make it 2-1. The steal pays off as Melky drops a single into shallow right. Cano scores. Yankees win, 5-4.
Hope you saved room for pie.

That was crazy. It’s been a year, maybe, at least, since I felt this good about the Yanks, heh. Lidge has been awful, but it’s never easy down 2..

Id just like to point out how unclutch A-Rod was here. He only managed a two run shot to tie the game, a real clutch hitter would have hit a walk off game winner….
I didnt watch the game, how much time did fox spend on the Joba to the pen BS?

I don’t comment on Friday…we lose. I negatively reinforce today…we win. It’s all me baby!!! YANKEES WIN…THHHEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!!!

Was at the game today. What a great win! Anyone know what the record is for walkoff wins by one hitter in a season? Melky has THREE. I am ashamed to say I was in support of trading him for Mike Cameron. Thank god the Yankees got greedy and demanded the Brewers pay for Cameron’s salary.
It was really disturbing to hear all the Philly fans in attendance cheer for Philly homeruns and Yankee futility. I would estimate at least a quarter of those in attendance were Philly fans. Come on, Yankee fans, attend the damn games! Tickets are certainly cheap enough on StubHub.

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