Jeez. Some serial posting there

Jeez. Some serial posting there from SF. I’m not going to respond to the Gossage/Nettles comments. Enough already from everyone on this whole situation. Moving on to more pressing matters, I’ve wondered the same thing about skipping Burkett entirely and going directly to Pedro for 6 and then Wakefield for a potential 7. But short rest is short rest, even for a knuckleballer. (Going with Wakefield in 6 would REALLY be a quick turnaround). And though I’d certainly like to see this thing end, Grady’s way does offer the intriguing prospect of Pedro-Clemens II at the Stadium in the finale. And Wakefield should be avail able for some long relief work if either Burkett or Pedro ends up in early trouble. Nomar. He’s a genuinely great player on both sides of the ball and has been for a long time. In the past he’s killed Yankee pitching; he doesn’t just hit the League’s weaklings. Yes, he’s in a slump at a bad time. It happens. Not everyone can be Derek Jeter. Moving or losing him would be a huge mistake. (Unless of course he were replaced with A-Rod, but that’s not happening.) Yeah he has some fundamental problems with aggressiveness, but so do any number of modern players (see Soriano). And Nomar has plenty of company in the slump department, on both the Sox and the Yanks. Ortiz, Manny, Mueller, Giambi, and Soriano all look fa irly helpless. And Aaron Boone makes Nomar look like Barry Bonds. N

Posted by YF on 10/14/2003 09:35:55 PM

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