Jeter: One Year, 12M

The Yankees have signed the Captain to one more year, boosting the option price of 9.5 million. Jeter played 17 games at the age of 39 last season. Is this strictly for PR and continuity — the baseball equivalent of undercoating — or does the Captain have something left in the tank?

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  • “…Is this strictly for PR and continuity…?”…yes

    “…or does the Captain have something left in the tank?…yes

    i’m not sure how much is left in the tank skill-wise, but more than ever the yankees need him to step up his leadership in what might be his last season…i realize that’s tough to do from the disabled list, but hopefully he heals and is able to play more…the yankees were nowhere near the talent level of the red sox, compounded by the flurry of injuries and ever changing lineups…but, one thing stood out even more for me was the lack of fire in the yankees that the boston team seemed to possess throughout the season and the playoffs…maybe winning fixes all that…i’m sure it’s easier to get fired up when you’re in first place, but the yankees had an outside shot at a wild card, and i just didn’t feel like anyone could step up and carry the team…i was probably expecting too much from a team that was so flawed…

    dc November 4, 2013, 12:17 pm

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