Jobs vs Doc: Yanks-Jays Gamer

Friday night Bomber action. Comment away.

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1-2-3 first for Doc…no shame there.
NOW…let’s see what Joba can do tonight. Going to have to keep it close, can he do it? Um…no.

0-1. Joba gets blasted for an RBI double off the wall. The streak ends here. Fun while it lasted. Leave it to Joba to get rocked.

…would have been the 3rd out. No to mention the one HInskie dropped. D letting him down like he lets me down.

Walks the bases loaded…this is unreal. How can one pitcher be so f-cking horrible? How is it even possible that he could suck this badly every single game he pitches in? Why is he not in AA where he belongs???

Got out of it, limited the damage…0-2. Great job loser.
TIme to jump on Doc and destroy him.

The ball rolled right under his glove AG…Error. Run scored. Routine ground ball right to him.

1-2-3 inning by Melancon…nice.

Melancon falling apart. A lucky 3rd out here would keep a flicker of hope alive (I say flicker only because I think we’ve got no chance as long as Halladay is in given how on he apparently is tonight).

And the answer is a resounding “no”. Crazy curve over scutaro’s head. Now he gets Hill. It won’t get any easier! Ball 1. Hope fading.

Thanks Mike. I’ll be shocked if Hill doesn’t seriously connect here. The only question will be the disposition of the BABIP gods.

Full count. The bells are tolling for thee Melancon…whooooooo warning track shot. 4-0 still doable. Unless Halladay goes CG on us, which is looking likely.

Bases loaded for ARod…down 0-4…against Halladay. Awesome. COME ON AROD!!! 2 outs…

That was supposed to be a break for you red sox,but seems like you get your hands full with some sox right now. Bad night for us all,oh man. Now I hope we score 7 runs in 2 innings and give up nothing. Very high hopes…

Yeah,Doc set his mind to mow some people down and unfortunately it was us tonight.Kudos for him,because we all know the problem is not the offense. Not a huge lead,specially for the Yanks,but when the Doc deals,no way jose. Will wait for this to end and play my franchise on MLB09 the show. There I can win! ;)

But man,the Sox is getting a major pound by the other Sox. And CG for Doc. Can I have him on the rotation next year? As ace #2? Please,Mr Cashman?I give up my christmas present for this ;)

Nothing to do but tip your cap. That was a crazy dominant performance against the best line-up in baseball.

I went to do the dishes and come back to see the White Sox scored 5 more runs. What the fuck.
Also, it’s a damn good thing Wakefield is pitching tomorrow, because Tazawa was scheduled to originally.

Wow, Halladay went the distance? Unbelievable to pitch a 1-hitter against the Yankees right now.
I guess the Yankees lineup just falls apart without Jeter. Someone break his leg!

Wait why did the Sox get rid of Penny and Smoltz again? Instead they throw out Paul Byrd and Kei Igawa when they\’re three games up in the wild card?
And on the same night Halladay tosses a gem…
If you have a chance to lock in Beckett-Lester-Halladay for this year and next, don\’t you have to make that move? Especially when half the offense has forks in their backs and walkers outside the dugout?

Andrew, right now our lineup IS a AAA lineup:

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