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Jon Heyman: Officially Wrong About the Adrian Gonzalez Deal

Call me bitter if you want (you'd probably be right), but the horrendous Twitter-fueled reporculation of Jon Heyman about the Boston Red Sox' negotiations with Adrian Gonzalez can officially be debunked. Not only was the Sox' trade for Gonzalez never deceased, as Heyman "reported," but Gonzalez will now be in a Red Sox uniform for quite a while, as he has signed a seven-year, $154 million deal that would lock him up through 2018 at $22 million per season.

It's the Red Sox' second-largest contract ever awarded and the largest since John Henry et al. took over ownership of the club in 2002. The average annual value is the eighth-largest in baseball history. Congratulations to him. Now go out there and celebrate by clubbing a few homers tonight.

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