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Just Go Ahead, Write Anything You Want

For the moment, discussions between the Red Sox and Padres concerning first baseman Adrian Gonzalez are going nowhere, according to a major league source. And it’s for the obvious reason – compensation. Padres GM Jed Hoyer, certainly familiar with Boston’s inventory, is asking for Clay Buchholz and righthanded pitching prospect Casey Kelly or outfielder Ryan Westmoreland.

This from Nick Cafardo in today's Boston Globe. We find this really hard to believe, that Theo wouldn't move Clay (as much as we like Clay and think he could be a big contributor) and one of two guys who are at least two years, perhaps never, from being in the Majors, for Adrian Gonzalez.  Hence we think that Nick Cafardo (or his source) just made this all up.

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i don’t think the part about an offer being extended and rejected was made up sf…the details are another thing…if carfardo’s details are correct, it should if nothing else, put to rest the notion that theo would have a direct line to san diego for sweetheart deals from his good buddy hoyer…
among other interesting stuff in the cafardo ramblings was cashman’s admission that the mythical revenue stream derived from having a japanese player on your team *cough, dice-k, cough* is indeed mythical…

I still dont even believe that Gonzalez is even on the market in any real way. Sure the Pads would trade him if a team emptied their farm system out for him but otherwise they have very little motivation to do so right now. He is under control for 3(?) more years at a very reasonable contract and is really the only legit star the pads have right now on their team. He is also extremely popular in San Diego. Even for a team recommitted to rebuilding, it doesnt seem like the timing is right to make a deal here for San Diego. His name being floated in trade talks has mainly come (as far as I can tell) from speculation primarily from the Boston media and fans.

Apparently in an interview, Theo said how hard it was to part with Hansen and Moss in the Manny/Bay trade.
If he has a hard time trading fringy AAAA players, imagine how hard a time he’d have trading his most beloved prospects.
Word is that if Theo had never left temporarily as GM, the Beckett trade would never have included Hanley Ramirez (and thus would not have happened).
That said, I do think Cafardo is simply making stuff up. Gonzalez is going nowhere.

Word is that if Theo had never left temporarily as GM, the Beckett trade would never have included Hanley Ramirez (and thus would not have happened).
As much as I love Theo, thank God for the Gorilla suit.

I think this is a made up thing. I can only hope the Sox don’t get Gonzalez. That guy is a monster hitter. He does it in a super pitchers’ park (see Chris Young’s fly ball ratio and then how few homeruns he gives up at home).

I am officially convinced that 90% of all this crap is made up. That being said, they should do whatever they can to make a move like that, but if they don’t I won’t be upset. In fact, I’d rather they not sign Bay or Holliday, and not overpay for either of them, so moving through the trade avenues is the best alternative, imo.
If it happens, good. If it doesn’t, oh well – it’s not the end of the world if they don’t make moves.

yeah, you guys are probably right…i don’t see theo making a blockbuster trade that involves losing any of his top prospects…he tends to be more enamored of guys that fly below the radar, and involve little or no risk to his pool of minor league talent…to make a bigger trade would fly in the face of his stated goal of using this as a bridge year…

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