Just Wait Until Your Dad Gets Home

A friend of mine told me a story about how the other day his son knocked over a bunch of stuff while skating on their steps, spilling a planter and a couple of seedlings. When he confronted his son about it, Dad already knew what happened. What was funny was what his son said: “Am I going to get in trouble if I tell you the truth?”.

Alex Rodriguez met with MLB officials on Sunday with a couple attorneys. MLB says he was “cooperative.” I think that means he had another operative. mrs. gerbil forces me to watch “24”, so I use words like “operative” without knowing what it means, let alone when it’s “co”. Chloe, get me out of here.

How could that interview have gone?

MLB: “Did you use steroids?”
ARod: “You know I did.”
MLB: “Never mind that.”
ARod: “Never minded it when I did it. For several years. Did you not expect me to talk about what I knew when you leaked the secret papers?”
MLB: (laughing) “No, mister Rod. We expect to profit!”

April 5th is Atlanta and Philly, but April 6th is the big huzzah. Can’t be soon enough.

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