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The Red Sox have formally announced plans to take the 2004 World Series trophy on a tour of the great state of Massachusetts. Tour sponsor: the MA Lottery. We say appopriate, as the chance of another such trophy showing up in the state anytime soon is massively low, but residents are going to shell out their dollars for the promise anyway. We have just one question: Can anyone out there confirm the rumor that Pete Rose will be following the convoy as it moves from Provincetown to Stockbridge, selling copies of My Prison Without Bars from the back of a stationwagon?

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  • Massachusetts is hardly lacking championship trophies of all ilks (World Series, Lombardi, you name it), and it’s possible more may be on the way. YF ought to know that the new jinx in town is Lord Stanley’s.
    One last thing, lottery-related: how many people in the Bay State have now stopped playing 1-9-1-8 in the Massachusetts Daily Numbers game?

    SF January 5, 2005, 5:25 pm
  • Hm, I’ll assume you’re just being off-color in general by disparaging the trophy tour, which is the suject of (or at least symbol of) an overwhelming, genuine joy gripping Massachusetts. But I don’t know how you can associate lotteries with Pete Rose. Rose wasn’t banished for wanting to make money the old fashioned way (gambling); he was banished for gambling on something where he was involved in the outcome. As in, Fixing. Acting to destroy baseball out of greed, and associating your team with a not-so-fixed state lottery whose proceeds fund public schools… I’m not seeing much parallel.
    Now, having an owner that openly associates with organized crime figures, that would raise some eyebrows. Also if he perjured himself. That would be bad too.

    Chris January 6, 2005, 7:36 pm

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