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Just read Candiotti’s post. Unreal.

Just read Candiotti’s post. Unreal. This is the best quote (besides the inane Hargrove-would-be-a-good-choice part): In hindsight, Little could have pulled Pedro a batter earlier (his last pitch of the game became a two-run single by Jorge Posada to tie the score 5-5). Jeez, no shit, Tom. How about “in retrospect, it might have been better if Buckner hadn’t let the ball go through his legs” for some more quality analysis? ESPN should just stick with Neyer, Caple, Stark, and forget the “insider’s view”. As for Hargrove, the guy is a horrible manager, and if that’s who they pick, they should have stuck with Grady. Reactive Top 3 candidates (much more thought required, so that’s definitely a disclaimer): 1. Leyland (prohibitive favorite in my ideal world) 2. Randolph (steal the heir apparent! In any case he deserves an interview at this point) 3. Remy (wild card) Pudge Fisk would be my sentimental, not my brain’s, choice, my favorite player ever and a true leader, but I am not sure if he can successfully execute a pre-game lineup card or whether managing his kid’s little league team is enough experience for the job.

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