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JV League: Tiger-Sox Gamer II

Justin Verlander on the mound is required viewing. Daniel Bard is working in the top of the first. Comment away.

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A bases-clearing, two-out double for Nava off Verlander to give the Sox a 4-0 lead!!! Glorious!!!
And then there’s the fact that Bard is pitching…we shall see how this goes.

6-3 Sox in the bottom of the 8th, rain delay. No idea if they’ll try to get the last frame in or if the weather says the Sox are over .500…

If they can win…(TB and BAL have already lost)…they’d be over .500 for the first time this year and 3.5 out of first…and a team ready to absolutely toss talent back onto the roster in about a month (including Pedey if he is indeed out for a month or so).

The Pedey thing is typical. He comes out of the game, everybody says it’s not serious, the next day we hear he might be out for two to four weeks. Which, as we can tell from experience, probably means six to eight.
Nice win, though.

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