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Keep It Rolling: O’s-Sox Gamer III

I've been too busy changing careers to pay much attention to the Sox the past four days. So of course the Sox have gone 3-0 and pulled themselves out of last place. At the risk of proving myself a jinx, here is your gamer as the game heads to the bottom of the first. A solid 1-2-3 opening frame for Jon Lester.

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Uehara looks like a guy who throws batting practice. 82, minimal curve movement, then an 88mph fastball. Really, not impressive. Of course the Sox can’t hit him at all.

Ellsbury doubles off the wall. His swing seems way too long to me, mostly when he tries to pull it – it’s like he is emulating Pedroia but without the skills or pitch recognition of Pedroia.

Papi, on the other hand, can’t figure anything out, swinging through more 88mph fastballs. Will we see Papi hitting sixth or seventh at some point this season?

Papi can’t catch up to anything. Does he need an eye exam? I wonder if this is not a bat speed issue but a pitch recognition issue – he’s late on everything, like he doesn’t pick up the pitch until too late.

Long at-bat, but Ortiz never really threatened, now he taps to first. He looks terrible, even as he puts up a fight. I am worried about him.

Career implosion in real time?
I honestly don’t think so. He looked this bad last April, then was same-old Ortiz last May before being injured. He then upon his return went on to slug over .500 in September.
It seems clearly mental now. He’s pressing. Hopefully Magadan or Rice or whoever he goes to can get his head straightened out. I really thought he was coming out of it after a couple line drives yesterday, but clearly not, based on today’s awful showing.

He’s not picking up pitches at all, Paul. The two liners appear to be the outliers, not the rest of his at-bats. I am definitively worried about Ortiz not being all that fearsome, ever again. If he can’t pick up pitches in his wheelhouse, then what?

Christ, SF, is it absolutely necessary to insist on finding a player to crap on, and then pour it on, week after week? Are you sure your name is not Shank?
Papi is a hero around these parts. Don’t forget that.

Jeez. So now making observations about struggles is “crapping on” someone? Seriously? I love Papi. I actually own a Papi shirt. Nothing would make me happier than seeing him back to his fearsome self again, and I hope that it happens soon. But I worry. Where is the problem?
His heroism is true — and also irrelevant.

DW, are you serious?
In 51 plate appearances, he’s 8-for-43 with ONE extra base hit, 0 homers and 4 RBI. He has 12 Ks and is swinging at crap WAY outside the strike zone.
He might be pressing. At least I hope so.
But we’re now at the worring point with Papi.

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