Knicks Season Preview

But let’s end political talk there and begin again with baseball

How about basketball? New York City is, of course, one of the best basketball towns around. In my lifetime, the Knicks have had only one very good stretch of competitive basketball. Before the early 90’s, we suffered through the Rory Sparrow Era Knicks. That was followed by the Johnny Newman sharpshooting squad. And then Pat Riley arrived, Ewing reached his peak, Charles Oakley opened his carwashes, John Starks gave up his job bagging groceries in Oklahoma, and the ship turned around. Those Knicks teams–so hated by everyone outside of NYC and fans of pretty basketball–were the toast of the town. I remember those days fondly even though the Knicks never ended up winning the whole shebang. The city felt electric during those days. Would you believe that those teams are still beloved despite their failure to overcome Michael Jordan and then Hakeem Olajuwon? Would you believe that among the fans who love those perennial runner-ups are famously entitled Yankees fans?

I am one of those long-suffering
fans who wishes desperately for the return of a good Knicks team.
Before the start of every season (the NBA begins tonight by the way),
even including recent years, I tell myself, “Hey, maybe the Knicks will
be fun to watch this season!” Then the first game happens and I
realize, “This is probably going to suck.” So I won’t be fooled again
in 2008. Instead, I’ll go back to the video tape and re-watch the 1994 season. Here’s a nice memory. One of these decades, who knows, maybe they’ll get back the magic.

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  • The Knicks were the only NY team (other than the Mets, for some obvious and maybe not-so-obvious reasons) that I once felt like I might latch onto as a fan. But then I learned more about the Dolans, and the last several years of the Jimmy, Stephon, and Isaiah show removed that urge once and for all. This is a franchise that I somewhat sadly hope, because of their ownership, does not succeed, if only to keep the Dolans from enjoying such a success. Dedicated fans surely deserve such a change in Ownership. The Knicks are exactly where they deserve to be based on the way they have been run and based on the personality of their leadership. Their fans deserve better, but I hope it doesn’t happen until after the Dolans give up the ship.

    SF October 28, 2008, 7:41 pm
    Thanks for this trip down memory lane Nick. I love the Knicks, will always love the knicks, and adored that rough and tumble team (maybe except Charles Smith). Also, no knocking Rory Sparrow.
    I have hope for the Knicks, if not now maybe in a year or two. Walsh and Dantoni. A good team, and screw the Dolans. If only we could get Marv back to call the games with the fine Breen and straight man John Andriese.
    And Bernard. They could use Bernard.

    YF October 28, 2008, 8:58 pm
  • Tschumi? That guy can’t sink a trey for his life!

    SF October 28, 2008, 9:15 pm
  • I miss Michael Ray “The ship be sinking” Richardson.

    SoxFan October 29, 2008, 1:06 am
  • “…I am one of those long-suffering fans who wishes desperately for the return of a good Knicks team….”
    i’m standing right there with you nick and yf…as a knicks and a jet fan, i understand long-suffering…with no disrespect to sox and cubs fans…

    dc October 29, 2008, 9:19 am

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