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Last Day: Sox-Yanks Joint Gamer

The games have long since stopped mattering, and the last day of the season thankfully means little for both our teams, which will commence playing meaningful games later this week.

But there's still something sad about the last game of the regular season. Winter's coming. Only a few more weeks for baseball to stave it off. Comment away!

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6 ER so far for Buchholz, I wonder if this means Dice-K is the third starter now…Buchholz might have hit a wall innings-wise.

Bowden auditioning for long man? Wonder if it’ll be Byrd or what?
Buchholz sucking two in a row is definitely bad news.

Regarding Buchholz, the WEEI radio guys implied that the pitching coach had him throwing a lower number of fastballs in order to work on his off-speed stuff. I didn’t see the game live, and haven’t looked at the Gameday, so I don’t know whether or not this is true.

So I heard Hughes is the #4 starter for the playoffs, and Joba is going to the bullpen. Is this true? Wtf? Hughes hasn’t started a game since May.

Um, both Hughes and Chamerlain are going to be in the bullpen for the ALDS, and probably the ALCS (if they make it) as well, as Game 4 can be started by the Game 1 starter on three days rest.

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