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Last Saturday of August

Dear summer, why do you depart so quickly?

And dear A.J., why do your pitches depart so quickly? Chicago roughed up Burnett last night, hanging nine on the beleaguered Bomber to sending him packing early in the fourth.

Meanwhile, Jon Lester was fantastic and though Papelbon walked two in the ninth to make things “interesting”, he struck out three for the save as VMart homered twice as Boston picked up a game on the Yankees and Rays by winning 3-1.

Things are tightening in the Beast.

Today’s showdowns feature C.C. against John Danks in Chicago, while Clay Buccholz brings his league-leading ERA to the Rays in St. Pete, who send Matt Garza. On paper, it’s a pitching fan’s paradise for both baseball games.

Manny to Chicago? Boston hosts the Pale Sox next weekend.

Comment away on your summertime fun.

5 replies on “Last Saturday of August”

which we needed just to stay tied with the rays…oy…by the way, what’s the over/under on how long this site stays in existence due to lack of interest of the mods…i hope everything’s ok with all of them and it’s just boredom and/or other priorities, but this thing has gone from a lively well-attended forum for discussion and debate, to well, zzzzzzzzz

It’s my own personal therapy board now…pretty sweet deal.
ANYHOO…total scrub squad lineup today. Tex was a late scratch. Hopefully Nova can be some kind of wonder kid and light it up.
I have felt nothing but anxiety and nausea while watching the last month of baseball. I don’t like our chances in October at this point.

“…Hopefully Nova can be some kind of wonder kid and light it up. …”
at least we don’t have to watch aj or javy pretend that they’re still major league pitchers…

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