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Last Time…: Sox-Nats Gamer III

The last time a no-doubt future Hall of Famer took the mound for the Boston Red Sox was Oct. 26, 2004.

The last time John Smoltz threw a pitch in a real, live ballgame was June 2, 2008.

The last time the Red Sox lost a game in Washington, DC, was Sept. 18, 1971.

While two of these "streaks" will come to an end tonight, let's hope the third holds off a few more years. Comment away!

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I am out on the left coast and just realized game time is in like 10 minutes, at 4pm. So weird.

Zimmerman rips one for a double, down the line past third. Instant trouble. That ball was crushed.

That swing and a miss by Guzman at that shoetop slider seems to have given JS bad ideas.
Damn, single to right….
Daisuke, drop the mask! ……we can tell it’s you.

And the Nats choose NOW to be clutch……
Thank God for pitchers batting in the NL……..

Sox seeing a bunch of pitches this inning, but absolutely no discernible contact whatsoever.

Wow Smoltz looks old with his cap off
It’s the youthful new style ushered in by DP…….

I was just about to say how well Smoltz was pitching in the last two innings, then Willingham crushed that ball.

Someone also reported Harrison Ford died today. Methinks there are hoaxes abound, now. The Goldblum one hasn’t been reported anywhere but a random blog and there’s apparently nothing reported in NZ.

On that note, the rest of my comments on this game are going to be in the form of Jeff Goldblum movie quotes.
On that inning: “Now that’s one big pile of shit.”

This from
It has not yet been confirmed but New Zealand Police are reporting that Jeff Goldblum has fallen to his death on the set of his new movie. Officials say the actor fell more than 60 feet to his death on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set.
The 57 year-old Goldblum starred in films such as The Fly and Jurassic Park. He is currently a cast member of the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

And this from
Despite reports that veteran actor Harrison Ford had died as well as ‘Jurassic Park’ star Jeff Goldblum was also dead after falling to his death on-set in New Zealand, it now appears as though the reports were actually a hoax.
Australian entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins relayed the news of the supposed death this morning Channel Nine’s ‘Today’ show.
Despite earlier information that they were reporting the news, New Zealand police now say they know nothing of the death of Jeff Goldblum.
Another rumour that popped up this morning is that Harrison Ford was dead. He also happens to be doing fine.
The pair are both working on a movie together with Rachel McAdams called ‘Morning Glory’. They were all spotted filming in New York 2 days ago, so the likelihood of Goldblum even being in New Zealand are slim to none.

Yeah, that’s the link I provided IBM. Three big deaths in one day, if so…
Sox offense has arrived. Come on Papi!

Can’t exclude that first inning from Smoltz, but that was a decent recovery, and he showed a little something. Can’t afford too many more of those first innings, though.

Aflac question of the night: who was the Red Sox captain before Varitek?
Rice, right? Or was it Yaz?

Well, striking out the side to close his outing is good news. Hopefully the first inning was a glitch and we can get some good innings from him. Shame Bard is sucking so hard.

The man hadn’t pitched in the majors in over a year. Surely he gets a mulligan for his first inning back.

Fastball goes way over his head, runners advance. They’re lucky the runners didn’t score.

The Nationals broadcasters keep calling Zimmerman their “pitching phenom”, even though his ERA was 5.03 at the beginning of the game.

Lugo you lousy piece of crap. Holy jesus, way to be a lazy POS.
It’s like he doesn’t even care.

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