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LATEitude: Yanks-Halos Gamer I

Ball games starting past kids' bed times is not cool.  Comment away.

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Jeter and Curtis singled…
Then ARod then hit a rocket to SS, the dude misplayed it and Jeter scored and Curtis got to 3rd…
THEN, Weaver twisted his knee on a pitch and is now out of the game????
0 outs.

Swish hits a nubbier to the pitch…
Pitcher chucks it to the wall…
ARod scores…
2nd and 3rd with 2 outs…
2 E’s for the Angels so far…

Muscle predictably fails.
Should have taken the Yankees offer. Have fun wherever next year with Swisher.
Crazy inning.
Obviously could have had about 8 runs there if anyone could ever hit the fucking ball.

GREAT running catch by Curtis saves a run.
1 out.
But then another single…
1st and 3rd with 1 out…
Hughes being Hughes. Worthless.
Now let’s watch a real team actually hit the ball w/RISP.
This lead should be gone in no time, followed by the no-name scrub making us his bitch per usual.

1st and 3rd still…
So THAT’S what a hit w/RISP looks like…
We’re fucked.
Hughes is fucking garbage. For a “strikeout” pitcher, he sure NEVER strikes anyone out. Ever.

Ground rule double.
With 2 strikes.
2nd and 3rd with 1 out…
20 pitches.
Hughes. What a fucking failure. Perfect for this team.

0-for-7 w/RISP
Total team fucking failure.
OK, really turning it off now.
Hughes is due to give up a 5-spot this inning.
Meanwhile, their scrub long reliever goes 3+ and gives up 1 hit and 1 run.
I don’t know how else to say it. We are garbage. We have ZERO chance of winning ANYTHING with this fucking awful, overpaid, overhyped, worthless fucking lineup…not to mention pitching staff.
Fucking embarrassing.

Ugly game for the pitching staffs. Jeter unable to get it done with bases loaded in the 9th and we’re “treated” to morons swinging stuffed primates to ancient rap music. Despise this fanbase.

Bases loaded.
5 times.
2 SAC RBI’s.
Zero hits.
That’s why this team sucks.
No clutch players. Even Jeter failed again in the clutch in the 9th.
The suck has spread to the entire team.
A bunch of overpaid losers.

we did score 8 runs, which on most nights should be enough to win…frankly, counting on hughes to give us anything more than a random teaser to keep his spot in the rotation, is foolish…he appears destined to be a woefully inconsistent .500 pitcher with an era north of 5…

I sadly think dc’s assessment of Hughes is spot on. Doesn’t mean I disagree with your point re: squandered opportunities krueg – those stats on hitting with men on base are atrocious for sure – but they scored 8 runs. I mean, come on Hughes….

Oh yeah, Hughes is worthless, no doubt about it.
But this team is built to score runs, lots of them. And we don’t.
Bright side? 2.5 out after playing absolutely piss-poor baseball this whole season so far and we’re almost in June so the trade deadline is just over the horizon.

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