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Lazy Sunday: Gamers (Rangers/Yanks)

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Salty fails to look back the runner at third and the Jays get a run, now Lowrie does not run and just has to settle for a single when the ball unexpectedly drops fair. And he would have scored on Drews long single.

Not I. Tuned in just in time to see Ellsbury’s homer. But I think it’s naptime for me. Need to take advantage when the kids are sleeping, after all! :-)

Very entertaining game last night. Had to watch after the fact as was out most of the evening, but the Yankee offseason, seemingly a disaster in light of losing the Lee sweepstakes, has proven – so far anyway – to have brought in some fine role players and one revelation. Martin, Chavez, and Soriano all came up big last night and Martin especially has seemed rejuvenated by his relocation to the Bronx. Notwithstanding a couple of wild throws from behind the plate, he has been very solid defensively and his bat has helped make the bottom of the order a real threat. Having hit 5 HR in 97 games and slugged just .332 for the Dodgers last year, he has already hit 4 HRs in 13 games this season and is slugging .600.
They put out a fine offensive performance without A-Rod and it feels like a different couple of guys are stepping up each night, with the exception of Gardner, who is really flailing right now.
As for Mariano, in compiling his 7 saves and one win this year he has thrown 8.1 IP yielding 4 hits, 7Ks, 0 BBs, and 0 ERs. His WHIP is 0.480. No, this can’t last forever, but he is in one of his zones right now and it’s a blast to watch. What’s most encouraging to me is that his cutter seems no less effective when he is throwing it at 89 mph then when he was throwing it more regularly at 93.

“… he is in one of his zones right now and it’s a blast to watch…”
was thinking the same thing watching him close out the last couple of games…i hate to think about how history might have been written if we didn’t have him on our team for the past 15 seasons…

On Mo, I’m really, really hoping that someone asks Eckersley about his pledge to walk out to the mound and kiss any pitcher’s ass whose walks+hits is smaller than his number of saves at the end of the season, like Eckersley’s amazing 1990.
Mo is at 7 saves now against 4 hits and 0 walks. :)

Did anyone else get a kick out of when Bobby Valentine groaned at Joba going 3 and 0 to his first batter. The camera went to a grimacing Girardi at that same time.
And yes, Mo is automatic right now. He so pinpoint accurate.

I did catch that Dusty, though I was too anxious at that stage to do anything other than note it. Generally I enjoy Valentine’s commentary. He also called it when Russell Martin would likely “swing out of his shoes”, which is what Martin promptly did. Yanks have had lots of close games so far this season, which is why Mo has been so active but is also a big factor in making the games so tense and fun to watch. It helps when 8 out of your 9 hitters are very capable of hitting it out…

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