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Lazy Sunday: Gamers (Jays/Sox)

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41 replies on “Lazy Sunday: Gamers (Jays/Sox)”

Right now, the only consistent reason I have to believe the sox will snap out of this fink is common sense and my faith. …
This game doesn’t feel like the Sox will win it.

“So Litsch suddenly has become unhittable?”
Not unlike yesterday with Jo Jo Starbuck, or whatever that guy’s name is. Sox got on him early, and then it all puttered out. but they hung on.

It might have been a good idea had he not bunted back to the pitcher. …
Litch has retired 11 straight since Ells’ homer. …
Speaking of which, I’m off to Homer Depot with the kids.

With what you said, it might be a really good idea that Crawford should never attempt to bunt ever again.
Good luck at the Depot, IBM. That place is such a time suck for me.

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