Left Wing Uprising: Phils-Dodgers NLCS Gamer I

Tall and gawky southpaws are dueling in Joe Torre's private hell. It's Clayton vs. Cole in progress.

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Why is Billingsley in the bullpen and not in the rotation?
Ah, classic Torre. Mismanaging a supremely talented team once again.

I heard that Billingsley lost it somehwere along the way this season. Just looking around the web and it doesn’t seem Dodger fans have big issues with the Billingsley choice. Meanwhile, this game is now out of hand.

That’s “Elite Hitter Manny Ramirez,” who already had more home runs and more hits than anyone in LCS history before hitting that clutch bomb…

who are the “elite” hitters in baseball right now, Hudson? And why doesn’t Youk belong on that list?

Manny up again representing the go-ahead. The shot of Pedro watching Manny round the bases after his last dinger was priceless.

And Torre mismanages another situation. How do you NOT pull a guy after he has no semblance of the plate?
He’s just a bad, bad manager. So glad we have the other Joe.

So that’s only the 2nd HR Sherril has given up to a left-handed batter in 2 seasons? Wow. Picked a sort of bad time for it. And now even a philly pen-implosion might not matter as LA has the 4-run lead…

The Phills’ pitching coach is named Dubee?!? Really?
One more hit and this is a nail-biter again. I want to see Lidge vs. Manny with the game on the line.

If Don Zimmer were next to Torre Zimmer would have stolen by now to get a shot at the 2-run single. And sac fly makes it 8-6. Ethier represents the tying run and – if he gets in, Manny-time.

Uh, I meant Pierre would have stolen. And Madson comes back from 3-0. He’s getting everyone to swing at high cutters – and not much else.

And if Pierre had been on second it would be a a 1-run game now. Instead, Manny up. Fun stuff.

And Manny grounds out. Unless the Phillies catcher has a gun, Pierre should have been on second long ago and would have scored. Shades of not stealing in the alcs with wakefield throwing to varitek. Torre without zimmer is extremely passive on the basepads.

Well I’m out. Need some sleep before late-night rain-delayed games that I actually care about the next 2 nights. Tx for the post Nick and funny-as-usual commentary. Good night.

IH, you’re completely right. In general, relievers have crappy moves, especially tall ones like Madson. My guess is even if Ruiz has a gun (and for some reason I remember the Yanks ran a lot on him earlier this season) Pierre would have made it to second.

OK, I couldn’t crash when Brad Lidge is about to walk the tightrope. Again. I don’t even know who I’m rooting for, but this is fun…

GIDP takes the wind out of Dodger Stadium. That was some serious BABip luck. He should have his name legally changed to Ledge. As in Walking Off The…
OK, now really, good night…

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