Lester: Less money + more winning = OK

Lester: “I want to win. If it means taking a Pedroia deal where you stay for less money to be happy and win every year, let’s do it”


I am enjoying this recent trend (Pedroia, Napoli, Pierzynski) of “I sure do like Boston, by golly. Sure, I will take fewer years and less money to play for your winning baseball team. Jolly good.” Hard to believe we’re just over a year removed from the chemistry and winning clusterf*ck of 2012.

Lester just turned 30 years old, had a tremendous 2013 postseason, and is a season away from his big payday. Given his comments, would 6/$105 do the job? 7/$120? That’s about the upper limit of rationality for this Sox fan (taking him to his age-37 season). If he tests the market, he gets 7/$150 easy, IMO (unless he just tanks it this season). And probably that money comes from the Yankees.

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