Lester to the Cubs

6/155, vesting option for seventh year could bring it to 7/170 (ages 31-37). Turned down more guaranteed money from Giants (though California taxes might have made that moot), claims the chance to bring the Cubs a championship is a significant factor in his decision. Sox topped out at 6/135.

Cubs probably won’t regret this first couple/three years…seem likely to after that (and Lester was not exactly fantastic from 9/2011 to 6/2013 a lot of the time). But it still hurts to see one of your own go that had a big hand in two championships (and clearly the runner-up MVP in the 2013 World Series). I’m glad the Sox held the line, as that’s too rich for my blood. Maybe they should have been a little more generous with their extension offer early last year, but that’s water under the bridge.

Godspeed, Lester. I’ll root for you and Maddon (as much as he sometimes puts me off, he’s a good manager) to win a Series anytime it’s not against the Sox.

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