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Let The Battle Begin

Yanks Will Overpay Jeter.

Well that was quick. Of course they will “overpay” Jeter. Why wouldn’t they? More interestingly, why shouldn’t they?

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I agree. Wholeheartedly.
The more high dollar contracts the Yankees dish out to guys who are well beyond their peak years, the happier I’ll be.
In all seriousness, I look at it like this
Say Jeter gets 3/60, and Mo gets 3/40, and I’ll assume pettitte goes year to year.
In three years, the Yankees will have a LOT of scratch wrapped up in guys over forty years old. That is not good business when said business is sports.
Just my opinion. Yes, Jeter is the “face” and jeter is the “image”, but at some point, those decisions have to be made.
If the Yankees were smart, they’d tell Jeter to explore FA market, and when he gets his absolute best deal available to him, they’ll give him another year and another ten million.
Then, they’re only on the hook for 4/40. Not another pointess 20M contract.

“That is not good business when said business is sports.”
Wrong. How much revenue is/was generated for the Yankees by #2 and #42??? I don’t need to rehash their success for you Brad but suffices to say that these guys have made SO much money for the Yankees that regardless of what they cost on the downward side of their career, it’s worth it.
I hope he signs a resonable deal, but then again as you LOVE to point out at every, single, possible moment…the Yankees have so much money it doesn’t really matter. (even though it does)
Jeter cannot play for another team, nor should he even be forced to explore the market. That’s what the Sox do to the players that win for them, not the Yankees.

PSS I wonder how the poor Sox owner is going to be able to pay Crawford or Werth being that he is so broke…you know, since he spent $276 million on Arsenal. I still haven’t gotten your opinion on that move Brad…I mean, you always cry foul on the money thing but I’m pretty sure the Steinbrenners haven’t bought any European soccer teams??? Are you nervous about Henry loving and spending your tiny amount of Sox loot on the Gunners now???

Wow, man. You’re in rare form today. I didn’t even say anything A) offensive or B) Untrue.
If you, as a Yankee fan, want Jeter to get whatever, that’s fine. And, I agree, I don’t think the money is the big deal here, but rather, the years.
I wasn’t flamethrowing, nor bringing payroll into the conversation: all you.
And no, I’m not worried about Henry spending any money in England – it’s his money, not mine. Should he invest that 276 million dollars in the Red Sox just because the Yankees would?
Listen, I know you don’t believe me because you can’t wrap your mind around the fact that I indeed don’t want to add money to this team, but I don’t want the Sox to spend money this year.
If they go into the season with some mid-level pickups and the same group of guys they had in August this year, I’m fine with it. Really.
I don’t want to go get Lee. Or Crawford.
Werth would be nice, but only if it’s the money you were going to give VMart, whom I don’t want anyhow.
Again, I don’t care what Henry spends his money on, as long as it’s not 200M dollar Red Sox payrolls.

That is not good business when said business is sports”
No, I’m correct. If you’re in the business of winning baseball games, you don’t start giving out huge contracts to guys who are in their 40’s. This isn’t a knock on Jeter, but rather a fact for any team.
Giving 20+M to an old, range limited SS is a nice thing to do, but makes ZERO sense between the white lines. Yes it might be retribution for his amazing loyalty to the 200M dollars he played for the past ten years, but really, the Yankees owe Jeter nothing regardless of the overflow of estrogen you guys show for him.

I would much rather the Sox spend 110M dollars and be a competitive team, than they spend 220M dollars and be a competitive team.
I’m just sayin.

Is 4th place competitive??? Getting swept the year before in the first round as a wildcard is MORE competitive I guess but you are right, I completely do not buy your rhetoric. It’s more out of convenience and circumstance than anything else.
And when it comes to Arsenal, OK then…I don’t ever want to hear you complain about NY money again. Our owners spend on the club, your’s buys foreign soccer teams.
(i’m not on fire, just talking…)

Who’s in fourth place? When did that happen?
It’s not rhetoric, Krueg. I’d rather the Red Sox conduct business like the other 29 teams in baseball than the one in their division. You think that if someone doesn’t want their team to be in the “we bought our championships” conversation, that they’re just jealous or it’s a “convenience”, but in reality, I like the idea of fielding a competitive team without spending an arm and a leg.
Listen, this conversation goes nowhwere, so there’s no sense in having it. You have your beliefs in this argument, and I have mine. I’m not going to resort to flame throwing and pointing fingers about which owners spend money on which endeavors.
What the shit do I care what Henry does with his investments? Since he’s been owner of the Red Sox, they’ve been one of the best (top ten) teams in baseball year in and year out. I’m fine with that. I don’t feel entitled to the playoffs every year of my existence. If they miss it, so be it. I’d rather they miss it than spend 200M to ensure it. It’s the difference between us: not good or bad, just different.
PS – I remember how much you wanted Jeter in two years when balls are shooting by him, he can’t reach first base from the hole (can barely now), and is hitting .240 and everyone is comparing him to Jordan on the Wizards (just deflating the numbers), and you’re screaming your head off in the gamers:)

Not only that, apart from being on the other side of the argument, the Red Sox are going to spend money on FA if I like it or not, so I’m not sure what you want me to do about it.
They’re going to get in on Crawford and Werth, and if they don’t sign it, I’m not going to care one way or the other, and if they do, you’re right, I won’t be happy about it. However, I’ve never cried “poor” for Mr. Henry. I just don’t expect him to be a Steinbrenner.

He certainly isn’t a Steinbrenner…he’s a guy out to make a buck off of SF’s.
And let’s not forget, when you guys were winning championships, they were spending loot. They weren’t the “homegrown”, “small-money” teams you seem to love.
I’m not trying to get into a fight. You have always held this opinion, I’ve always thought it was disingenuous. I don’t know you personally, so maybe that’s not fair. Who knows.
I just think that Jeter has earned every penny and if we are stuck with an old, slow SS that is the career Yankee leader in basically everything, and has a ring for every finger…so be it. I have to think that Jeter is smart enough to know when to walk away. Maybe not?

Maybe not. We’ll see.
Also, I fully realize who the Red Sox were when they were winning those two championships. No team wins without FA’s. It’s not free agency that spurs the argument.
Also, it’s not like Jeter has been playing for free the last ten years…you think he deserves more than he’s given? I happen to hold the opinion that overpaying for sentiment is a bad idea. You don’t. No need to argue.
If they give Jeter 4/80, I’ll be happy. Neither of us need to explain why.

You’re right, it’s not our money. The Sox ownership walk a fine line between spending too much and not spending enough, and in the meantime, take advantage of every single fan they can sell that can to, but I’m certainly not one of them, and they’re certainly not alone in that course of action.
If they came right out and said “we’re not going to spend that kind of money, and we’re going to build a team from drafting and within”, I’d be on board in NY second, and I’d go to 25 games a year no matter how they were.
But the spending 150M, charging a fortune, and then playing the game they play is not for me.

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