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Let The Good Times Roll: Sox-Yanks Gamer XI

Last night's game was a classic. Here's to another one today.

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I think today the red sox has to hope buchholz matches sabathia or he’ll be lost

krueg,I hope nothing,but maybe some WP and a hit batter or two if he tries to get too much inside.

And I’m also seeyng the gameday, that first strike called to JD was a ft out

trying to make a cute catch.Just get behind the ball and double hand it.But I’m glad he didn’t.

OK – now I await the SFs who have been so vocal on this site about headhunting (vs. just pitching inside) criticizing Bucholz for that BS. Failing that, I don’t want to hear it from them when Youk gets another fly-by in the head-area.

pbe, yeah, because it would be physically impossible for a ball to hit your shoulder and then the bat. Whatever.

Joe Buck HATES the Yankees…f-ck him. You’ll never be your father loser.
It hit his back PBE…please. It’s all good…CC should just break someone’s ribs now. No problem.

Man,if CC throws at anybody there’s not even time to get out of the way.If he throws I hope it’s waist down.

All right, all bets are off. Drill Youk, laugh at these pieces of dredge as they fall to a tie with the Rangers for the wild card, and ignore their fan-base as they whine about both. It’s not CC who should do the drilling. Let a flamethowing meathead like Bruney take care of it later in the game.

Well, except Melancon was in the midst of a blowout and has no control at all. That one to ARod was a first pitch. None of us really know so we should all calm down…
Now GO YANKEES!!! :)

Don’t even try IBM. Pedroia didn’t do anything in his previous at-bat, like hit the game-winning HR against a team desperate for a win with their ace having been bested. They are not at all comparable and you know it.

Michael Weiner saying he swooped to do damage control for Ortiz and not A-Rod because of the “cumulative effect” of PED allegations.

I’ll actually grant you that Buchholz was trying to hit A-Rod. And I think it’s bloody stupid. The Red Sox don’t need these kind of distractions
I’m watching this on a small computer screen and to me it looked like the ball only got the bat. And the ump seems to have seen it that way as well, at least.
So, peace …

I’m not all that bothered by it, but it’s so transparently bullshit that I’m just shaking my head.
Who would have thought that A-Rod would own up like a man and Oritz would offer non-denials and drag it out as long as possible? Not me.

You are talking to me,krueg?If so, it’s just positive affirmation,hehe.I don’t mind it being a 120 pitch at all ;)

Gotcha bro…and yes, you are Fiddy forevermore!!! Between my negative reinforcement and your positive affirmation, we should have all the bases covered!

Fair enough pbe. For the record, I’m pissed about two things:
1. The vociferous “HOW COULD YOU THROW AT SOMEONE’S HEAD?!” and references to Conigliari ALWAYS come out here fast and furious when someone like Joba (or, previously, Clemens) throws above the shoulders. I’d like to see the same when Bucholz just did it in a situation that couldn’t have been more obviously intentional.
2. The ump says nothing to Bucholz or the benches about one week after a pitcher ADMITTED to throwing at (and hitting) Mark Teixeira and he doesn’t get so much as a warning let alone a reprimand.
Finally, to me the replay was inconclusive – it looked like it could have hit him in the shoulder and then hit the bat – or not. Either way, I am not about to brand A-Rod a cheater for saying it did.

We sure should. And I’m fine with Fiddy,not usual,but that’ll work. Way to deal Carsten Charles!

TEX WITH THE GLOVE SAVE AND A BEAUTY!!! Ryan Miller-esque right there…
Another 1-2-3 inning for CC!!! KEEP IT UP BABY!!!
Enough is enough…WE NEED RUNS!!!

IronHorse, yeah, I get what your saying. My cheater remark was uncalled for though I still believe the ump might well have gotten it right.
What I really do not understand is the whole concept of “punishing” a hitter because he hit a home run. What was A-Rod supposed to do yesterday? Try not to win the game in order to not piss off the Red Sox?
Also, if the ump had given him first base, do the Sox really need runners on first and second in the first, with the amounts of runs we’ve been scoring lately?
As I said, stupid all the way.

No stretch at all. Look at CC, Boston batters are getting back to the dugout so quick the pine they were sitting on did’t even cooled off. :P

Big hustle,Melk! And PBE, that’s really stupid,but as people keep repeating everytime this happens, it’s a part of the game.

“Either way, I am not about to brand A-Rod a cheater for saying it did.”
Who cares if he was fibbing? He wouldn’t be the first to do it. A lot of players would wear baggy unis for the same purpose.

bad bad man to walk by Bucholz. Letting Molina on to face the top of the order is not good.
On a separate note that is likely to come into play here, it is astonishing how slow Molina is. It REALLY looks like he is not running even when he is in full out sprint mode. He is not just slow. He is glacial. It is not an effort thing. In prehistoric times he would definitely be the one separated from the pack and mauled by the predators.

That’s right,Bill,in a lot of sports guys will try to elude referees,umps and the such.Baseball no different.And Jose walks!! wow.

IH, I believe you can put ALL the Molinas in there.I used to joke a few years later Yadier could get thrown out at 1st in a single to RF.I actually did it a lot of times on MLB 2k5

Soccer games are the biggest place you’ll see that. See, Buch is starting to leave pitches high,I hope the Yankees batters notice this.

That’s funny Fiddy. McCarver criticized Girardi for not sending the runners on the 3-2 to DJ, but with Molina on first it seriously would have meant nothing – it would have been a GIDP regardless.
Teix makes him pay for the walks. Let’s go A-Rod. Make him pay for being a head-hunting a%*

V-Mart way too bent over almost took one in the nose there.Would have been ugly

Man,it makes all difference having such a good fielder on 1st base. He makes nearly all bouncy balls,way high balls and rushy thrown balls turn into outs. Like he’s wearing that AT&T Park LF huge glove.Good job,Teix

Wish I could join in, but I am lazing on the east end of LI (guest of generous friends, not my usual hang).
Back tomorrow or Monday in more force, and 5.5 back!! We stink!!!!

Hehe,PBE,I was thinking that,but I won’t say,spoils the luck.But we need more runs.At least 3-4 more.

Look at the boy walking guys. He’s not far from getting one of those high changeups hit into the train outside.

I’ll say, you never mention,Bill.You might end up see the guy give up a 8th inning 2 out bloop single. Of course I’m a supersticious Yankee fan,opinions may differ. :P

Molina did his job for him on the last out,krueg. And here comes Carsten to try some outs.

My thought about Clay is that he’s trying hard to match CC,’s outing,so he risks a lot with all the changeups and challenge pitches.It’s a gamble that’s working so far.But with the Yankees I don’t know hoe long it will last.

Can we shoot Buck and McCarver into the sun? How can they be this ignorant of baseball tradition?

Yeah,krueg,I think he can do that. And Bill, if you call him to tell when already happened it doesn’t matter. We talk about during the actual game.

You SF’s can say whatever you want…you have no effect on the cosmic forces that have made the Yankees the greatest team in professional sports history.

D-mn,walk, but I said it would be a shutout,right?Pretty much looks that way now.But we need to increase that number on the R column,please!!

Now take your seat along with those guys clad in grey,the ones with the ‘what’s going on’ look on their faces.

I actually trust IBM’s judgment on the first base call Krueg . After all, he probably got the most sleep of all of us. The rest of us were partying too late.

Bucholz pitching well. What’s his pitch count? Would love to get into their depleted pen.

IBM: Yes – a relatively minor one, but a shot nonetheless. A proportional response to the post-beaning “Nice inning Bucky” and all the perfect-game-hexing. All in good fun. If you disagree (on the propotional part I mean) my apologies…really.
Youk having all kinds of adventures on fly balls by Damon.

youk too heavy to do that jumping catch he attempted. 80 pitches on the 2-1 to Teix

THis ump has got a postage-stamp K-zone. Can we please stop swinging at Bucholz’s foot-off-the-plate sliders!?!

GREAT BUNT AROD!!! he meant to do that…
Friendly banter is SO much more fun IBM than all the stupidity that usually accompanies our respective fan bases…

You get props IBM for being here given the funk that Sox Nation is in both on and of the field today…
I was just relieved that A-Rod’s dribbler was at least not a GIDP.

Horrendous. Bucholz pitching very well. Hopefully he won’t make it through the 6th, but if he does that should definitely be it. And the Sox pen has got to be beaten up. Late noise Yankee offense?
Come on CC – hold the line…

We’ll get out of this … somehow. We’re still in the wildcard lead. We have good players. It’s just that everything has gone bad all at once. But we’ve got too many good players for this to continue.
Krueg, you remember me telling you back when the Yanks were struggling that you guys would be fine. What I don’t think I said then was that I’d rather struggle in May than August.

Man,will we have a 1 run game,really?I guess they are trying to do a prank on CC,like, we score 1 run and let’s see if you win.

The horrendous thing from a Sox fan’s point of view is that though this is only a one run game one has the feeling that there’s no way whatsoever the Sox are going to win this game. Then again, this is baseball and stranger things have happened.

How will CC Sabathia ever become as good as Buchholz if he doesn’t have a no-hitter?

Yeah, I remember IBM. I’m a pessimist when it comes to my teams. It’s not my fault though, I’m from Buffalo. THe most cursed sports city in America!!! :)

Tito holds down Dustin so he don’t hit the ump in the head with the bat.Come on Pedroia, get your gear, you are back in the field,soon sure,but it’s Sabathia,what do you think

GAPPER FOR CANO!!!! YEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAWWWW!!! As they say down here in the dirty south…
Panamanian Rum??? Mrs. Krueg is drinking Captain…I think it’s from Puerto Rico???

Wow,I could use some rum.Cano is the key.Someone drive him in for goodness sakes?

Walking Melky…this is the kind of situation that Jose comes up big. Mark my words. YOU WILL RUE THE DAY SOX!!!!

Not sure why Posada is on the bench in such a tight game, a runner in scoring position, and Molina up.

“Panamanian Rum??? Mrs. Krueg is drinking Captain…I think it’s from Puerto Rico???”
The stuff I am drinking is Ron Abuelo, Anejo 7 Anos

Sounds exotic Rob…I can’t drink liquor, makes me violent.
I hope we win make the playoffs this year AG…the last two years have been brutal! The wife and I are trying to decide whether we are going to see the Sabres play the Preds or Blues this season…

The Wings are dominant fiddy…must be nice to be a YF and a Wings fan…the Yankees are my only team with any hope of ever winning anything!!!

Yeah,and also the NY Giants. But not on basketball(Knicks),at least not lately, but I’m not really a basketball fan. Mostly baseball,football,hockey.

You lead a charmed life filled with championships fiddy…good for you! But can you dunk??? I did in high school… ;)
Beer #8

In other words, don’t get too carried away. anyone else and he beats it out.

Give it up for Bucky. Save for our poor offense, he was about exactly what we needed.

No dunks,krueg, my biggest skill is speed,when I played basketball I used to set plays up and steal balls and take off running towards the basket,used to get there way before everyone.So I’d play RB on football and SS on baseball

I think what is most impressive is that Jeter came down from his jump, realized that he still had time, and threw.

And the jump over youk to throw after was tha best. And yeah, feels great to be a Giants fan,even more when you beat the BOSTON Patriots in the superbowl,the 18-1 season and all.

Boston has all relievers spent and this stupid thing now. They are asking to take a late game rout.

they might as well be wearing something under the suits krueg,at least the wristbands.

In all seriousness, that was a pretty harsh call, but Buck and McCarver’s butthurtness aren’t earning the Sox any sympathy from me.

We are all about to find out together Bill.No clue.You sox fans should have a clue,hehe.I don’t.

So someone can throw at someone with impunity, as long as it reaches the arbitrary standard of ‘why would I do that’?
It’s not a crap call. Teixeira’s close call was at least as close than any pitch Joba ever threw at Youkilis. A more sanctimonious fan would use the argument that he was thrown out for other players’ safety (a fact that had been thrown around here by SFs about Joba, btw).
In any case, you can’t just keep throwing at guys and expect to get away with it. At least a guy was hit this time to justify the ejection!

Yeah…it was dougie fresh, probably not intentional but the ump is trying to keep a brawl from breaking out. Of course, that’s exactly what I want to happen…a huge, bench clearing brawl!!!!

And a SF resorts to ad hominem, violating the TOS yet again. What else is new? I understand you’re frustrated, but let’s not lower the standard of discussion.

Let me tell you guys, one of my greatest disappointments in baseball is that the Yankees never got into a brawl when Kyle Farnsworth was on the team.

HEY!!! We’re all friends here IBM…drink 3!!!! You too Andrew…

I was wondering if we had Cliff Lee for #3 starter,with CC and AJ dealing like this…wow

And krueg, I called in the beggining that was gonna be a 120 pitch shutout,that was a 123 7.2 inn shutout,pretty close,but awesome job nonetheless by the ace.No complaints by me.

hehe,well I just get hunches sometimes.Just like doug’s call of the rbi walk,but mine was kinda 3 hours earlier.

No way molina.He has to hit a ball on that sloping lawn at minute maid park to get a double. And Buck said the molina brothers have quick feet and slow legs,does that mean they can tap dance but not run properly run? Enlighten me if you can here.

Life is great.5.5 and getting up.Thanks red sox,for being part of our climb on AL East.Going out to drink and party,after all, it’s only the beggining of the saturday night

Helluva outing by the ace,all the expected and more. See you all then,take care!

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