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Let’s Get This Done. Yanks-A’s Gamer

Bartolo Colon and Joel Piniero represent for the Yanks and Halos today on the last game of this left coast road trip before the Bombers return to host Boston.  Jeter grounded out to 6, Grandy K'd, Teix singled, and flew out to right in the top of 1.

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Posada grounds into a fucking DP.
Why the hell is he still on this team???? He is completely worthless. He brings NOTHING to this team.
What a bunch of sentimental bullshit.
Cano to 3rd with 2 outs.

Posada hits a double in the corner.
Then for some reason, rounds 2nd.
Is easily out.
There are no words. He has to go. Immediately.

i was thinking the same thing krueg…something about the post season brings out the best in pitchers…don’t know why and i don’t have stats to back it up…just a feel i get…maybe it’s tension and batters are squeezing the bats too hard…but recent history with the yankees anyway suggests that the bats get quieter in the post season…

For all of Gardner’s speed…he really sucks at stealing bases. Big time.
Better pitching = less HR’s
It’s not rocket science. Our entire team is hitting under .300. That tells the story so far. All those years we didn’t win, we looked like this.

I really don’t understand the mindset of these people that wear “Yankees Suck” tee shirts. There is some douchebag behind the batters circle wearing one. I would never wear a “Red Sox Suck” shirt. It’s just so stupid and juvenile.
We get it, you hate the best team in the history of sports and you are jealous because your team is actually the one that sucks. If you go by the definition of someone that thinks the winningest team in the history of the world qualifies as sucking. Right?
It’s kinda like the obnoxious “Got Rings” shirts, only worse because at least those are based on fact. I wouldn’t wear one of those either.

It seems messed up to be nervous with Mo on the mound but man…big DP for the win.
6-3 West Coast road trip. Not bad after losing the first 2.
Next up, Sox in the Bronx. Maybe we will start hitting finally? It’s June.

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