Let’s clear something up. I

Let’s clear something up. I don’t think Pedro was doing anything but chucking at Garcia. I don’t think Manny was justified in any way waving the bat at Clemens. I have never represented anything but that in my posts. Now let’s get something else straight, so we don’t lose sight of the only thing that really matters to me here: the Yankees should shut the fuck up. Just as the Red Sox have no right to complain about a high and tight pitch at this point, the Yankees, seeing as they are the owner of one of the best (and dirtiest) pitchers to ever hurl, have no ground to stand on with their complaints, particularly their manager and his phony outrage. That’s my main complaint here. You know that I don’t like all the restrictions on pitchers throwing inside, so the whole issue of tagging a guy at the plate is, to me part of the game. I am sick of body armor, of pitchers not being able to throw high and in. The Yankees, however correct they are in their sentiment that Pedro threw at Garcia and that Manny was a knucklehead, are equally wrongheaded in their vilification of those actions, considering that a) that’s what they have done numerous times in the past and will certainly do in the future, even with Clemens retiring and b) this is part of baseball and they know it. My main beef is with almost none of the events but the reactions, particularly of the Yankees, afterwards. I am willing to bet that you can’t admit any inconsistency in Torre’s remarks, or hypocrisy for that matter. To me, this all smacks of the GOP’s current claims that the Democrats are being “uncivil”. You reap what you sow.

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