Letter from Moskva: 3.5?!

What with exploding jetliners, bombs in the streets, and an oil giant headed for doom, things are tough here in Moscow. But now I check in for a little solace from my beloved Bombers to find their once insurmountable lead has slipped to—gulp—3.5 games. What gives? Was Derek busted at a Bush protest rally? Was A-Rod heartbroken by our Olympic hoops flop? Is this ’78 in reverse? (Can’t be!)


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  • Here’s what gives. The Yankees’ hitting has sunk to the same approximate level where their starting pitching has been all year. All those touted “come from behind wins” should have been regarded as a warning that should the bats falter, the Yankees would be vulnerable. And they are. But don’t worry, YF. We’re still Charlie Brown, and you’re still Lucy…
    Now hold that football steady, will you?

    MJL (SF) September 1, 2004, 11:04 am

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