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Letter from Moskva: Scoreboard Watching, Olde Style

Before there was television and before there was radio, baseball cranks gathered at bars and betting houses to “watch” games unfold on large mechanical scoreboards updated by hand as play came across the teletype. Nearly a century later, here I am half a world away from home, using the Internet to follow the game in the same manner—via ESPN’s “Gamecast,” a modern day equivalent to those mechanical marvels of yesteryear.

It’s a pretty good substitute. Here, today, was Jorge up with the bases loaded and one down in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth. This is what we saw [and what we thought]:

Pitch 1: Strike 1 (looking) [Okay Jorge: smart to take a pitch here…stay patient.]
Pitch 2: Ball 1 [Way to be patient. Make him come to you.]
Pitch 3: Strike 2 (swinging) [Ugh. Is he overmatched? Please, no DP]
Pitch 4: Ball 2 [Come on, Jorge!]
Pitch 5: Ball 3 [Yes. Full count. You’re in the driver’s seat]
And here there was one very pregnant pause, until…
Pitch 6: Ball 4 [YANKEES WIN!]

Let’s hope a nice comeback win turns things around.

One reply on “Letter from Moskva: Scoreboard Watching, Olde Style”

Welcome to the 21st century, Muscovite.
So, is Lee Mazilli the Yankee Celebrity Mole or what? Julio walks Jeter wildly, sends him to second on an untamed one, then they walk both Sheffield and K-Rod intentionally to face the switch-hitting and patient Posada? Inept stuff, putting extra pressure on his wild pitcher with the bases loaded. One wonders if he’s still on the Yankee payroll.
And so, as the season goes on, it appears that Mr. Mazilli was hired by the Orioles over Willie Randolph for the one reason that shall remain nameless.

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