Letter of Respect

Dear Team:

Thanks. You guys are playing great. Fewer errors (last night’s six-spot notwithstanding), more hustle, pitching and pop. I just knew you guys were as good as you are now playing, and hopefully the All-Star game (or the game later today) won’t break the momentum. Don’t worry about the standings – a game a week will do it, though making it to the post-season is what matters. And Terry, I will lay off for a few days, though it’s hard to tell if you your strategic mind is at all nimble – 10 run wins will atrophy even the best of managerial brains.

Keep it up. Go Wake.


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  • One question answered, regarding Tito’s atrophied brain. Confirmed. Several implausible errors by the skipper today. Possibly game-costing.
    1. Manny not playing due to a “tweaked” hammy isn’t a big deal, but saying on the pre-game radio interview that “I can’t force anyone to play” is gutless. Bad message to send.
    2. Letting Pedro vacation for 10 days in the DR when he could have thrown an inning or two today.
    3. Having Wakefield start the 7th. The guy was all over the place, hit hard, wobbly, and he somehow kept the Sox within 2. Leaving him out there after 100+ pitches with Embree, Timlin, and Foulke all available was idiotic. Captain (Slow) Hook – not a good nickname.
    4. Having Foulke start the 8th, with Timlin and Embree still available. Why do you have closer come in in an unfamiliar spot? Why not use guys the way they are used to – it’s what they are trained for, why habits develop, and what has been quite successful so far this year. All of a sudden you shirk that? What’s the reasonable explanation?
    5. No take signs, ever. Ortiz leads off the 8th with a single, Nomar swings away, as per usual, gets doubled up. How about some organizationally instilled patience, Terry?
    6. Not getting someone to remind Pokey Reese that one should NEVER get picked off of first in the 9th inning with nobody out, down a run. Either do it yourself or talk to your first base coach, Terry. Why are there these terrible lapses of discipline? If you are such a players’ manager, then let’s hear you take the blame for the intolerable lack of discipline.
    Today was a terribly disappointing way to go into the break, not because of the loss (the Sox are still on a 5 of 6 tilt), but because the loss illustrates what happens when Francona has to manage in a tight game, in addition to what kind of guy he is with regards to keeping players available. Not a good sign, though no reason to think the sky is falling in general. Still, everything points to Francona not lasting 2 seasons in Beston.

    SF July 11, 2004, 5:31 pm
  • i hate lupica and i’m still unsure about Mushnik. i do love g/b tho….

    zey July 15, 2004, 12:53 am

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