Letters to GMs

Dear Theo:

Get us some pitching.  We’re not fixated on Mark Buehrle, just so you know, but come on, Kason Gabbard, Julian Tavarez, and Tim Wakefield making up 60% of the rotation?  That sounds just a little too Tampa Bay to us.  And when you actually miss not having Joel Pineiro available, like last night, you just know something is up.  So get out there, get Lucky to get you some extra minutes this month on your spanky new cell phone, and find us a hurler.  Or two.  Maybe you don’t even need to negotiate with anyone. Experiment a little (but just a little, we’re not stupid!).  Ten game leads revert to zero come October, and at that point nobody gives a crap how well your squad pitched in May.   We certainly don’t. 



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  • I agree completely. Buehrle’s not the be-all, end-all of pitching improvements, but he sure looks nice.
    Two things that are particularly concerning:
    The fact that Tavarez seemed to experience some kind of pull in the fourth on the Vidro K. After that, he walked two straight batters and got a gift out, then fell apart the next inning.
    And ever since his spot in the bullpen was shored up, Javier Lopez has been terrible.

    Paul SF June 27, 2007, 10:32 am

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