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Like Earl Weaver said, “We do this every day.”

Except we don’t, well at least not always. Aaron Judge is on the rails, so that’s the last time I will ever write about him. I ain’t superstitious., but a black cat crossed my path.

For tonight, it’s the Red Sox facing the Yanks, in what may be an historic game, only in the sense we have never played a game like this before.

Verdugo, LF
Devers, 3B
Martinez, DH
Moreland, 1B
Vazquez, C
Pillar, RF
Bradley Jr., CF
Arauz, 2b

Brewer, P

LeMahieu, 2B
Voit, 1B
Hicks, CF
Urshela, 3B
Torres, SS
Tauchman, RF
Sanchez, C
Frazier, DH
Gardner, LF

Cole, P

15 replies on “Like Earl Weaver said, “We do this every day.””

Gerrit Cole got Verdugo to hit a off his hands resulting in a pop out to Urshela. Devers flied out on a line to CF, and is pitching away from J.D. Martinez who chases for a swing strike three, ending the top of the first.

LeMahieu goes the other way to single to RF. No outs. Colin Brewer at bat.

Brewer isn’t pitching anything for Urshela to hit.. going around him.

He puts him on base because it’s smarter to face Torres, who is not really quite sure what a bat is for right now.

A curve at the knees is in play after running the count full with two outs. Arauz can’t make the play.

Bases juiced for Tauchman.

Swing at a pitch diving toward the knees on what looked like a cutter, opportunity lost.

Top of two: Bogaerts (best name ever for reasons we don not have to exonerate) grounds out 5-3.

I think Mitch Moreland saw an 80 something knuckle curve. I didn’t know that Cole had a trick pitch like that in his bag. I need to watch more.

98 fastball, 90 slider, and a knuckle curve that just vanishes? I have to pay better attention.

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