Looking for a Spark: Sox-O’s Gamer V

The Red Sox have kept on winning — 14-6 in their last 20 — but their last 10 games have featured some low-scoring affairs. In the four games leading up to the 11-3 pasting of Washington's bullpen, the Sox scored just 12 runs. In the five since, they've scored just 15.

But if you can't go home to get a tonic for a struggling offense, there are always the Orioles — against whom the Sox are 4-0 this season, and against whom they have another 14 games to play this season. Hopefully Baltimore will oblige, and they start by pushing Jason Berken (6.32 ERA) to the hill against Jon Lester, who has a spectacular 2.78 ERA in his last seven starts and a 2.03 ERA in his last five outings against Baltimore.

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I sure hope the O’s will be a tonic ……. the last few games have made me wonder if these guys have forgotten how.
Joe Schultz notwithstanding, hitting is not necessarily just like bunting…… (look it up :<))

Sigh, O’s games means I have to listen to the local broadcasters. Shoot me now.

The local radio guys were pretty good on the trek through DC and Atlanta. MUCH better than being forced to listen to the dreck in New York and Chicago.

I wouldn’t know about the radio guys Paul, but Gary Thorne is, well, Gary Thorne.

“That’s 94 paint. Did that look like 94 paint to you? I tell ya, that’s major league hair.”
Never change, Eck!

I see the Sox have come up with some innovative new forms of RISP FAIL today. Ugh.

Ellsbury drilled to start the inning–Sox have had the leadoff man on in all four so far. Steal 2nd again!

Orioles broadcaster (not Thorne): “If you’re going to hit Ellsbury, at least hit him in the knee or something to slow him down”

Glad to see them break through, though it really should already be 8-0 or so.

It was spectacular, stuck. Open the game up in Gameday at and you can see the video there.

The best part was that Gary Thorne gave up on it and said “Goodbye, homerun.” Then about three seconds later realizes the ball was caught, so he goes nuts.

Yeah, you have to have Gameday Premium for the highlights, Ath, and I haven’t bought it yet this year. I’m sure I’ll see about a million replays later tonight, though.

Ahhh sorry stuck, I have that so I take it for granted that I have to sign in. It was definitely a fantastic catch; it wasn’t as good as some of the ones that Torii Hunter or Curtis Granderson have made over the years, but he jumped above the wall and timed it perfectly.

Great pitch from Lester to strike out the side. Roberts very unhappy about it, and gets warned.

Geez, Bass getting uber squeezed here. Pitches 2 and 4 were right down the middle.

Lester has only thrown one cutter from what I’ve seen tonight. I’m not complaining, cause Lester is looking great, but still surprised to see that.

99 pitches from Lester, and he’s pitching very well. Send him out for the 7th.

OH SNAP, Antonin Scalia in the house!
………….and all of a sudden, the umpires start screwing up every call and sending those who object to Gitmo……….

Holy shit this strikezone is laughable. It has been tiny for the Orioles pitchers all game.

Just got home from my 7-year-old’s game. His team, the White sox, played the Yankeees. My son had an unassistned double play while playing first base, and made four outs that inning.
Always good to stick it to the Yankees.

Bay has been extremely quiet the past few games. Actually, with the exception of one explosion against the Nats, he’s been pretty quiet the past two weeks.

Just got back from visiting a friend in the hospital, good to see Lester being Lester.
Also, I just saw high end healthcare for the first time. A private room the size of most apartments, decorated like a really nice hotel suite, constant attention and care from a private doctor, five nurses, it was insane. I can’t imagine what this is costing his parents and it’s not even serious.

Another lousy AB for Bay. Can’t really get worried, but it would be nice to see him snap out of it, especially with Lowell out.

The best part was that Gary Thorne gave up on it and said “Goodbye, homerun.” Then about three seconds later realizes the ball was caught, so he goes nuts.

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