Looking into CC’s Eyes

This part of Joel Sherman’s latest piece:

I spoke to several baseball folks – executives and agents – about why they thought Brian Cashman flew to Las Vegas to meet personally with CC Sabathia. The consensus was that this is done because Cashman needs to look in Sabathia’s eyes and know for sure that if he takes all the Yankee money that the big lefty definitely wants to be a Yankee after all the talk that Sabathia wants the NL or West Coast.

made me think that Cashman will be doing the Larry David stare test with Sabathia.

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  • I wonder if CC’s eyes give up the same information that Putin’s do.

    SF December 6, 2008, 10:50 pm
  • If Sabathia signs with the Braves, we’ll know for sure…

    Paul SF December 7, 2008, 2:07 am
  • a cashman meeting with cc is a waste of time…clearly cc is waiting for a “better” offer, whatever that means to him…you don’t need to look in his eyes to determine that…it’s his choice, not his agent’s or the union’s, or anyone else who might be putting pressure on him to chase the bigger money…i read somewhere that his problem is that he needs a few more offers to mull, including one that’s at least in the neighborhood of the one the yanks made and has some of the other key elements he’s said are important to him, so that he doesn’t draw the ire of agents [including his own], players, the union, others, who wouldn’t be able to comprehend a player placing higher importance on personal factors rather than the dollars…cashman should withdraw the offer, remove the distraction, and move on already…i said this days ago, that it’s clear cc does not want to be a yankee [because they’re in the al, they’re on the east coast, or just because] or he’d already be a yankee…withdrawing the offer would then clear the way for other teams to jump in, who haven’t done so because they didn’t want to go as high as the yankees, and would look foolish lowballing while the yanks offer is still out there…

    dc December 7, 2008, 8:22 am
  • Sorry dc, i dont agree with you and the writers who believe he simply doesnt want to come to New York. I still think that he has been taking his agent’s advice and waiting on the market to see if other offers come in. Knowing the Yankee’s need for his services, there is essentially no down side for him to wait and see if other offers come in.
    I really dont believe the whole story of him not wanting to be in the AL or the east coast. He may have preferences but not nearly enough to prevent him from signing with all but 2-4 teams in the MLB. He can take his money and buy a plane to fly home any time he wants. Much of this meme about his “desires” has come from the complete radio silence on his part not from actual quotes from him or those close to him. The press has simply come up with this story as the easiest way to fill the space they need to on a day to day basis. I ask again, why dont we talk the same way about Teixeria who has also received a number of offers… CC is simply doing the same as him, which is waiting for the best possible time to sign for himself….

    Sam-YF December 7, 2008, 10:03 am
  • you have a good point sam…not to rehash the conversation we had the other day, but…i suppose you’re right that this is not about whether he wants to be a yankee…i’m just saying that if it’s true that he has a strong personal preference for the west coast, and playing in the nl, that would appear to disqualify the yankees, despite their king’s ransom of an offer…i’m not sure how practical it is to take a job so far from home and plan to buy a plane to travel back and forth any time he wants, particularly during the season…sure he can afford the money, but this isn’t just hopping in the car and driving down the end of the road to grandma’s house for a quick visit…i was actually trying to give him some credit for appearing to make this decision be about more than just money…i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some infighting between him and boras, much as there appeared to be with arod and boras…i hate to sound like the smug yankee fan sox fans despise, but who exactly is going to swoop in at the 11th hour and offer more money?…to the best of my knowledge, cc’s only received the yankee offer of 140m and the one from the brewers for 100m…milwaukee’s in the nl, but it couldn’t be further from either coast…how likely is it that any team is going to top the yankee offer, unless it’s with intangibles [there’s that word again] and not money…so the scenario he seems to be waiting for is a san fran offer for 130m…close enough to the yankee money that he won’t have to answer too many questions about why he didn’t take the bigger $….

    dc December 8, 2008, 8:51 am
  • correction:
    “…infighting between him and genske [not boras]…”

    dc December 8, 2008, 9:44 am

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