Looking Ahead (Really Far Ahead): Clay Pitchin’ Edition

What better to do than think about the future when the present doesn’t give you much to ponder.  As we have heard all season, YFs are looking to get their Phil, but our team has more quietly begun molding a heap of Clay.  We haven’t beaten the Buchholz drum this year (we have been keeping tabs), but the Sox have quietly developed someone who looks to be a real keeper — last night he led the Wilmington Blue Rocks to a win in the first game of their division championship series.  The future looks promising, as long as the good health stays and the repertoire develops, and also as long as Theo doesn’t ship him off for what’s left of Don Slaught (he did catch Charlie Hough, after all, even if it was way back in the mid 80s). Should these two pitchers continue on their current upward paths, the Sox and Yanks will both be very, very pleased.

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  • Think we’ll see these two guys squaring off against each other in the big leagues someday? That’d be pretty cool.

    mouse September 8, 2006, 1:37 am
  • It might be something we’d see in 2009-2010 at the major league level. We might even see them duel it out in AA next year. It’s possible that Clay could see a debut start for the Sox in 2008 (possibly subbing in for an injured or day-to-day pitcher). All those possibilities…it’s like watching an investment grow and hoping that it never needs to be spent before it fully matures.

    Scott SF September 8, 2006, 8:33 am
  • Hughes will be in AAA next year, no chance of them dueling in AA ball.

    Xenos September 8, 2006, 11:54 am
  • It’d be fun to have another Nomar/Jeter-type debate in a couple years. The Sox and Yanks seem to have been more evenly matchec as teams because they’ve been dominant in one area over another — but in an equal number of positions each…

    Paul SF September 8, 2006, 12:34 pm

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