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Lucky 13

When he struck out in the eighth inning of yesterday's blowout against Baltimore, Kevin Youkilis ended a streak of 13 consecutive times reaching base. He fell three short of Ted Williams' modern record, and four short of the all-time record, set in the 19th century.

Youkilis, once mired in a slump (at least by his newly lofty standards), has certainly broken through in a big way. After peaking with a massive 1.222 OPS on May 20, Youkilis for the next two months shed 300 points by hitting "just" .243/.361/.472.

In his last six games, however, Youk is hitting .600 and slugging .920. The vast majority of that, of course, started when the Sox landed in Baltimore. After a first-inning flyout Friday, Youkilis singled in the third, singled in the fifth and slammed a two-run homer in the seventh. Then on Saturday he walked in the first, singled in the third, hit a solo homer in the fifth, singled in the sixth and singled again in the eighth. Finally on Sunday Youkilis singled to load the bases in the first, walked to load the bases in the second, singled with a man on in the fourth, drove an RBI single later that same inning, and walked with the bases loaded in the sixth.

After his first at-bat Friday, Youkilis was hitting .294/.406/.546 on the season, a season-low .952 OPS.

After his fifth plate appearance Sunday, Youkilis was hitting .316/.426/.579, an OPS of 1.006 — a 54-point increase in just 13 trips to the plate. 

Not a bad weekend.

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Don’t mean to be a dick, but c’mon, an article about this, but nothing about the cycle? ;) Can’t somebody just post a picture of Melky, and say something like “Melky hits for cycle.”?
To be honest though, I didn’t hear about this streak. For a bit, I thought I read “13 games on base streak”, which is obviously less impressive. I think Bernie went such a streak awhile back, and it ended at 11 (or close). Fun streak.

Ignore the first part of my comment, haha.. apparently it showed up on the webpage, but not my rss feed.. ;)

To be fair, 13 straight times on base is actually much more impressive than the cycle. I would hazard it’s been done much fewer times in the course of baseball history, and while it involves a lot of luck, it requires much more underlying skill than hitting for the cycle does.

Lar, they’re trying really hard to put last week behind even as it was a nuclear bomb in the middle of our baseball memories. Just let them. The equivalent is Jeter self-destructing before our eyes. I’d be stunned for years. To me, these games are meaning a lot less right now. It’s like finding out my wife has been cheating on me…what was real?

lol, Rob. Thanks. I’ll stop taking you seriously from here on out. I appreciate the fair warning.

Yeah, why worry about the implications of the PED Sox when we can just talk about how awesome Youkilis is for reaching base 13 times in a row!?
You’re pretty transparent, mate, especially cause you’re obviously as die hard as I am.

Also, having read your comment in the other thread, Rob, let me advise that being angry at the game, at the media, at the players, whoever, is fine. There’s plenty of outlet for expression of those feelings here, and I don’t think we’d criticize you for appropriately expressing your anger (as you did in the other post). But your comment above is not an appropriate expression of anger. It’s an attempt to bait an argument by flaming an unrelated post, and that’s not welcome here.

Lar, they’re trying really hard to put last week behind even as it was a nuclear bomb in the middle of our baseball memories
This is a bit hyperbolic (I look at it as something of a hand grenade, or maybe a surface-to-air-missile), but more to the point: so what? Of course we all want to move on. We love baseball, and we don’t love all the crap that has come along with it. The story was four days ago, how long are we supposed to drone on in either a zero-sum game of tag or, worse, a circular firing squad? Your agenda seems to make it live on in text, when, if you were honest with your own assessment of this story as a nuclear bomb, you’d just move on, and let us all die of radiation sickness.
The other thing is that the A-Rod story had a shelf life of about four days at this site, once the news broke, and it garnered over 300 comments. This story, regarding Ortiz, has lasted almost as long, and thread-specific comments run over 200, not including any references that might be buried in the trade deadline threads. At some point, we should all move on: nobody is forgetting what happened last week, believe me.
I also suggest you go back to this post that I put up, take a look.

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