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Simply embarrassing.
Really. Continuing to run him out there every night is not only irresponsible, but a real drag on the team as a whole. There are too many, more versitile options available to Francona. At least Lars could be expected to hit a HR every now and then and allows Lowell to DH. Haffner could be had for a bag of baseballs and at least you know he’ll hit the ball occasionally on his way to a strikeout title.

The trade rumor mills — Adam Dunn, Victor Martinez, etc. — have begun to gear up. And to a more credible degree than simply some columnist or blogger saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” Makes me think the Sox are looking to make a move if this keeps up for more than another couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, even with this atrocious year, Ortiz has provided the Sox with about $100 million of value since 2003, at a price of less than $50 million. And that doesn’t include postseason. Just makes this year all the sadder.

Fangraphs is my favorite site on the interweb – I rate it’s Value at 100 Billion dollars.
Jeter: the Yanks most valuable position player this year (so far). Captain indeed! (although I assume Arod and Tex will pass him as the year winds on).

That’s an excellent point, Paul.
At this time, the Red Sox MUST make some kind of move for a hitter, preferably a catcher or SS.
I believe this is going to be one of those years where the Red Sox make a huge, unseen move.

Actually, Hanley, Scutaro and Bartlett are all having better value seasons than Cap’n Jeets right now. Although I suspect as Scoots and Barlett come back down to Earth, Jeter will wind up as best in the AL.

I humbly request people to email me and help me understand why the “dollars” statistic makes sense, because I really didn’t get it at first glance, and in the few months since of trying to make it fit, I sway towards the consideration that it is a false statistic.
My direct email is michael @ michaelchan dot org

I’d help, but I’d be no help.
Also, my wish list includes a Nomar style trade for Cabrerra while we’re in Detroit, where we take that big salary (and maybe let them throw in someone) for picks and prospects.

My guess is that the -13$ David Ortiz is worth is probably equivalent to being punched in the face by a mack truck on a nightly basis.

AG, the dollars are determined by the average value clubs place on a win in the previous free agent period, assuming that replacement level is the league minimum.
So it arguably says how much a club, correctly valuing his worth, would have paid for that player’s production in that given season.

I think that’s mostly it. But I think it arguably says how much all clubs, correctly valuing his worth, would have paid for that player’s production in that given season. I think it’s an average value, across all players, with adjustments for position and defense. Think of it as how much a marginal win costs and so how many wins above replacement level did that player provide.
I think that’s right…

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