Macho macho man, I wanna be…a macho man!

“Whatever it is I’m going to appeal it,” Rodriguez said Monday. “When somebody attacks you have to protect yourself.”

A-Rod forgot the second part of the sentence, so I will finish it for him:

“especially after they attack you after you yourself yell countless expletive after expletive at a pitcher, walk down the line menacingly, then say ‘come on’ to a nearby opponent while at the same time motioning your hands in a come-hither way, seemingly challenging the opposing catcher to a fist fight like you are some tough-as-nails brawler”.

It kind of changes the appeal process when you have all the facts, Mr. Rodriguez.

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  • Spoken like a true Red Sox apologist. Well done!
    Let me adjust my Yankee hat … there.
    My view of it was Alex got hit by a pitch that was more likely than not intentional, but only Arroyo knows for sure. Alex starts towards first, followed by Varitek. Alex says something to Arroyo, Varitek decides this is a good time to jump in and stir things up and says some “choice words” to Alex, but we don’t know what as Varitek still has his mask on. Alex says, and I quote, “F— you. F— you. F— you motherf—er. Come on.” Varitek obliges, mitt still on, with a two-handed shove to the face.
    I don’t think A-Rod was going to charge Arroyo – he was heading to first base, just letting Arroyo know how he felt on his way there. Varitek was the one who fought the fire with jet fuel.

    Clay Caviness July 27, 2004, 12:13 am
  • You reiterate my point: A-Rod taunts ‘Tek to “Come on”, Varitek obliges. They are both culpable. A-Rod lives in a fantasy world where professional ballplayers, particularly large catchers whose jobs are to protect a pitcher, don’t respond to being called a mother f-er and also after being asked to “come on” while hand gestures invite a throwdown. That’s all – I am not saying A-Rod is solely responsible, by no means, just that he’s deluded if he thinks anyone is going to look at the incident as an “attack” on his person.

    SF July 27, 2004, 8:35 am
  • All part of A-Rod’s new “preventive war” doctrine, or hadn’t you guys heard?

    MJL (SF) July 27, 2004, 8:56 am
  • Does SF work for a politician? He’s the most blatant spin doctor. Unbelievable.

    JCL (YF) July 27, 2004, 9:58 am
  • A-Rod’s outburst towards Varitek wasn’t out of the blue, it was in direct response to something Varitek said. Varitek even said they were “choice words”. All this while A-Rod was walking towards first, aiming only words towards Arroyo. That’s not protecting the pitcher, that’s fanning the flames.

    Clay July 27, 2004, 10:36 am
  • Who is the spin doctor? If I read the commments properly, the Yankees fans all say A-Rod is of no fault, whereas me, the Red Sox fan, says both share the blame, and that A-Rod ought not to act as if he was “attacked”, which he most certainly was not. Only the players were privy to what Varitek said, but all of us are privy (via the magic of television and lip-reading) to what A-Rod said, so let’s get off our high horses, Yankees fans – both players deserve some portion of the blame for this one. Please tell me the universe in which a player taunts another player with “come on” while gesturing the age-old “let’s fight” hand move immunizes the person from partial responsibility for a fracas? Was A-Rod kidding around? Was he playing a coy war-monger, getting Varitek to make the first move, and therefore calculating his ability to proclaim victimization in a post-game press conference, hoping to avoid possible suspension? Give me a break – it was in the heat of the moment, they both were glowering, jawing (we’ll take Tek’s word for it, even though we couldn’t see past the mask) moving in the direction of a fight, and they both share in this one. Please, do tell me, how is that explanation “spin”?

    SF July 27, 2004, 11:41 am
  • Claiming victimization in a post-game press conference isn’t a Yankee tactic. Please see Piazza post-Clemens HBP.

    Clay July 27, 2004, 1:03 pm
  • Claiming one was “attacked” isn’t claiming victimization? Am I from another planet or am I missing something, Clay?

    SF July 27, 2004, 1:50 pm
  • Whoa. Sorry. Your comment just reminded me of Piazza’s big post-game press conference, which many Yankee fans thought was pretty humorous. Whether A-Rod’s post-game comments count as a press conference to proclaim victimization is a matter of semantics, and this discussion is already veering towards that.
    Anyone else feel like they’ve seen so many replays of the brawl that it’s become its own little Zapruder film?
    “You can see that Sturtze’s head goes back, and to the left … back, and to the left…”

    Clay July 27, 2004, 2:39 pm
  • RE: Piazza/Clemens
    Perhaps the biggest clown in that whole affair (after Roger, of course) was Mike “Chickenshit” Hampton, refusing to come back and brush back a single Yankee. But that’s WAY off topic…

    SF July 27, 2004, 3:23 pm
  • I’d have to agree with the peanut gallery here: seems like SF is hot to castigate A-Rod (he has been the subject of SF’s posts), and then claim that he holds all parties responsible. So here I repeat my comments from our previous string on this subject:
    Here’s what I saw: Your “young pitcher” threw at A-Rod, who got pissed (seems legitimate to me) and started to yell at Arroyo. Then Varitek curses at A-Rod, as even Varitek admitted, which is what got A-Rod cursing back at Varitek. Note that the ump had to cut off Varitek, not A-Rod, which says a lot about who was instigating. Varitek then takes the first shot while still wearing his mask (this also makes sense: I wouln’t shove A-Rod in the face without a mask on either). Then A-Rod puts Varitek in a pretty mean headlock and starts swinging, and then all hell breaks loose.
    As for the “pretty boy,” crap—save it. And let’s also skip the laudatory bullshit about the “toughness” of all of those Cowboy Up Sox, with their “blue collar” shtick.
    The question you posed is a good one: What would Derek do? I think we all know the answer to that one. As for A-Rod and Varitek, those two are now looking at suspensions. How smart was that?

    YF July 27, 2004, 11:43 pm

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