Malcontent (LOL)

“I want money” says Big Papi.

David Ortiz, who is later in his career compared to some of those who recently accepted or mull over team-friendly deals, would be willing to go to another team if it came to it.

To be fair, the quote in the article “it can be 10 years” (that his career could continue) is tempered in the full quote when he says something along the lines of “it can be two years, it can be three years, it can be 10 years”. So he must realistically understand the Sox shouldn’t be willing to go more than two years at a time.

I don’t care if they end up wasting a few dozen million dollars in the last two years of his career. It is unthinkable that he go anywhere else and they should keep him happy. Keep extending him by a year and deal with it when he breaks down.

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  • Given how enormous the qualifying offer has gotten ($14 mil and change last year), it might be reasonable for the Sox to just say “Take the QO or leave it” every year, but I think for mutual goodwill and stuff, I’m fine with extending him by a year every spring if he is healthy (such that he always has two years to go after each extension). That leaves them with a max of two years holding the bag and as I said before, I don’t care if he’s weighing down the books being useless for that length of time. It’s BIG PAPI, man. DAVID MOTHERFUCKING ORTIZ.

    Devine January 27, 2014, 3:04 pm

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