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Manager Hotseat: Threat Level Orange

Normally this is the last cry of a desperate fan, and desperate I am not, but after 110 games of this it’s clear that Terry Francona, like he was during his first stint as a skipper in Philadelphia, is in way over his head. To be clear, the players are first to be blamed – they execute or fail to execute, for sure. But the manager needs to put those players in the best possible position to execute (something Joe Torre does better than anyone out there). While Torre may not be the greatest manager ever, in my opinion, he certainly makes rare mistakes managing risk, and it’s the greatest quality he has, and the one I covet. So, since players have been fired (see Garciaparra, Nomar), it’s time to move on to management for a change.

Enough already. Francona takes Pedro out after striking out the last 4 of 5 he faces in the 6th and 7th, looking dominant, and having thrown only 100 pitches? The bullpen subsequently blows the lead, Sox lose. I am so tired of this. Epstein et. al sold us a bill of goods like Bush at the State of the Union peddling Iraq’s imminent threat. I was fooled, and now feel like a fool for praising him prematurely. My bad. It’s time for Terry to go. Too many bad decisions, poor risk management, bad discipline (sending Kapler on a 0-1 count down a run in the ninth on Saturday? Shee-it.). Enough already. Get rid of him, Epstein. NOW.

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