Matsui and Igawa Meet: Babel Fish Hilarity Ensues

The Japanese-language site has the low-down on the first ever meeting between Bomber veteran Hideki Matsui and newcomer Kei Igawa. Here’s an excerpt from the Babel Fish translation. I’m pretty certain they’re talking about what their first sleep-over is going to be like:

The Matsui 秀 of the senior laughs, Ikawa of the
new member nods. The first meeting 2 it actualizes finally.
While the condominium of the seashore (the apartment) in one
room, the glass where the mineral water enters tilting, story bounced.

When Ikawa "it was securely thrown in the exhibition game,
or it is insecure" that truth is leaked, the Matsui 秀 made answering

"It should have had the recognition, camp to April season
commencement. It is not necessary to be hasty. You think
"that some, it is possible to have some amount to spare,

The circumstances which Ikawa feel at rest in the
maxim of the Matsui 秀 which past is experience 4 years.
Furthermore when "looking at measure with the television, only
the strike zone you saw. You think that also those where habit
of judgement is grasped are the point. The research enthusiasm
of Ikawa that position of the strike zone was recognized with name of
judgement ", they are the circumstances where also the Matsui 秀

"It is important to grasp the Japanese-American of the
strike zone difference. Ikawa you from calling, can use control
well, it is it is not, is? Ball equivalent of 1 and 2, it is
wide outside as a batter. Raising does not take (strike) to that
", that Matsui 秀. You analyzed that the external angle and the
low wide strike zone works profitably in Ikawa which has system sphere

In addition as for Matsui does not escape (the one which
from collection of data) is better the inactive time of joining an
organization 1st year the "racketeer king" and so in the basis of the
experience which is criticized harshly from the local paper ".
It paints the salt in the scar and the question which is packed
it does explaining, if the truth 摯 (the grommet to do) it speaks,
all right "and instructing the media measure whose New York is harsh.
End advanced to the topic of lead socks game of the inn enemy.

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  • Igawa has “System Sphere Power”; screw you, gyro-ball.
    “Racketeer King”: great, more RICO intrigue for CSNY.
    “lead socks” is effing fantastic – works on so many levels.
    Hilarity indeed. Thanks Nick, I needed a chuckle today.

    attackgerbil February 19, 2007, 7:15 pm
  • Another Babel Fish translation:
    Matsui: You want to see my world famous porn collection?
    Igawa (jaw drops): Really? That would be such an honor.
    They go off arm in arm.

    Jenna Jameson February 19, 2007, 8:35 pm
  • Honor? Get on her, and stay on her.

    Ron Jeremy February 19, 2007, 8:42 pm
  • ” … it is it is not, is?”
    Didn’t Bill Clinton give a deposition with that phrase?

    Paul SF February 19, 2007, 10:19 pm

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