McCarver clearly disapproved, for whatever

McCarver clearly disapproved, for whatever it’s worth. And there’s a difference between typical grandstanding (Ortiz last night) and Mannygait. Moving, on, one thing I didn’t care too much for about last night’s game (aside from the result), was Fox’s over-the-top villification of a (Jewish) fan. Was he a liar? Possibly. But sometimes our minds allow us to see things the way we want to see them, a curious psychological point no one even considered on air. Yes, it certainly LOOKED like that ball hit the poll, or would have, (and that the interfering fan disappeared mysteriously certainly implies some guilt). I’m not debating the call. But Fox, with all of its cameras and fancy production technology, only had one clear shot of the play, and it was taken at a slight angle from about 350 feet, so hardly conclusive evidence. And you have to ask just how appropriate it is to have Bret Boone doing commentary on a game in which his brother is a participant.

Posted by YF on 10/9/2003 02:14:17 PM

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