McCarver, sadly, was not resigned

McCarver, sadly, was not resigned by the Yankee brass, ostensibly due to his free-flowing criticism of The Boss. He is the best color man around, at least that I’ve heard with any regularity. For play-by-play I’ll take Jon Miller. I find your disparaging attitude toward Kaat and (I’m guessing, though you don’t mention him) Singleton unduly harsh. I really don’t care if they misinterpret a few plays or are prone to exaggeration once in a while. The primary job is to stand as a reasonably well informed and agreeable companion for the game, which I can generally interpret for myself thank you very much. John Stirling and Bobby Murcer are really terrible homers. Kaye calls a decent game and is well informed, but he too can be a bit boosterish (I guess that’s part of the job on Yes), and his criticism of players can get personal and fairly acerbic–his tabloit roots. So, yes, the state of Yankee broadcasting could be improved, but it is not so dire as I believe you suggest.

Posted by YF on 8/6/2003 02:23:09 PM

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