Meaningless Accolades, 2009 Edition Part The Second

It’s Mauer. Only an idiot would vote otherwise. Fortunately for idiots, there is at least one party favor in the BBWA, because Miggy Cabrera picked up a first-place vote (but came in fourth overall). Catcher Mauer’s slashes EACH led the AL: 365/.444/.587. Read that again and remember he is a catcher. Wow.

Teix and Jeets finished second and third. Props and all, love dem Yankees, yada yada, but whatever. Smells. Bad. Lazy.

edit: Cabrera’s first-place vote came from Keizo Konishi of Kyodo News, a member of the Seattle chapter.

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“Congrats to Mauer, who finally got what he deserved.”
Um…won’t that be next year when he realizes his life long dream of putting on the Pinstripes??? ;)

mauer’s outstanding season made this particular award meaningFUL, because he really removed any doubt about who had the best mvp-type year…in the absence of any clear cut criteria, and several “deserving” candidates, like the MOY discussion we had, that’s when the debates get interesting, and the word “meaningless” gets batted around…

he may not wind up a yankee, and i’d expect minnesota to pull out all the stops, whatever that means, to sign him, but it’s hard to imagine him not testing free agency when the time comes…a catcher as good as he is overall only comes along once in awhile…with the yankees and sox, and others i’m sure, in need of a young solid, did i say awesome?, catcher, his value will be sky high…can/will minnesota pay sky high $ ?…

But the guy is from St. Paul, a Twins fan his whole life…you have to think he will stay. He knows what he means to that town and so do the Twinkies. They have to offer him part ownership or perhaps a Prince signed guitar? Give him the Timberpuppies?

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