Meaningless Accolades: AL GGs

Gulp. This is going to get rough.

Catcher: Joe Mauer, Twins (Matt Wieters was better)
First base: Mark Teixeira, Yankees (Lyle Overbay by a mile)
Second base: Robinson Cano, Yankees (They got this one right, Robi was phenomenal)
Third base: Evan Longoria, Rays (okay, that’s not bad, but Brandon Inge was better)
Shortstop: Derek Jeter, Yankees. Wait a sec.. Let me think about it.. (?WTF?) Maybe I got hit in the head recently. Oh yeah, I did. Let me think about it some more (!!!WTFF!!!) I guess he “turned it on” in a contract year, or someone else might have, but I don’t get another gg for dj. Don’t get fooled by FP as Jeter won it because he made only 6 errors on the balls HE COULD GET TO.. the rest rolled/rocketed by a diving… this *is* a defense evaluation, isn’t it?– anyway, should have been Alexei Ramirez or Cliff Pennington
Outfield: Carl Crawford, Rays (Okay, that’s fine, but Juan Pierre played 1330 innings and made only *1* error, and recorded 307 POs)
Outfield: Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners (yep. f****ing amazing baseball player. Truly *BRILLIANT*, and we’re just talking defense, AREN’T WE??? but this guy is both offense and defense) Who would be surprised if he wins five more Gloves? Not me.
Outfield: Franklin Gutierrez, Mariners (can’t argue with it, but Adam Jones and Upton might have been a better pick
Pitcher: Mark Buehrle, White Sox (who cares I guess, but I’d pick Fausto Carmona or more accurately, *suppressing desire to evacuate gastric tract* Carl Pavano — Ick.. writing that tastes like I just crapped in my own mouth)

I like Losing Playoffs Season more than Winning Meaningless Awards Season.

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Holy shit…the stat nerds and haters are going to have a fucking ANEURYSM!!!! I love it.
I was reading about Tex and people were tripping out about him as well. Maybe the haters don’t watch the Yankees, or maybe I just don’t see enough of other first baseman but Tex is the shit. The guy makes great plays in the field constantly…and I/we watched Donnie Baseball for years so it’s not like we don’t know a great first baseman when we see it.
Anyone trying to say Cano didn’t deserve it is a pure hater. No need to even say anything further about him.

“Holy shit…the stat nerds and haters are going to have a fucking ANEURYSM!!!! I love it.”
Na. He’s good SS, with the range of a overweight third baseman. But, what’s hit to him he catches, and he doesn’t beat his team with errors.

I heard an interesting exchange between Michael Kay and Verducci on ESPN 1050…Verducci was saying basically what you said and added that there is alot to playing the position besides diving and making crazy plays. He was saying that positioning, cutoffs, relay’s etc. are things that don’t get the press and that Jeter does all those things better than anyone. Meh. He got hosed on the MVP a decade ago so it’s not like he wins everything…
Do you think Tex is somehow overrated as a defensive first baseman? I really can’t understand that sentiment…

No, Tex is a very good first baseman. With the glove, I have no complaints at all if Youk, Tex, or Overbay were to win this award. I consider all of them to be a push when it comes to gloving the ball.
There is a lot more to diving and making great plays, and normally, it’s the routine plays that players relax on and make errors, which Jeter doesn’t do. That being said, The texas kid probably made five errors from behind the third baseman, and there is a difference. A guy like Alex Gonzales (a couple years ago anyhow), makes a ton of errors simply because he gets to balls that nobody else can even imagine getting to, and there’s something to be said for that as well. If a guy like Elvis Andrus were to simply limit his range to balls that he could easily get to, his error count and fielding percentage would go in different directions.
As a side note, if fielding percentage based on range, or is this a fixed range from the SS position? Do they figure that the average SS should reach X, then do the F% off of that number?
If the F% is based on each individual players range factor, then that’s even more unfair to guys who are better? Just curious.

PS I wasn’t trying to say that Jeter is the best SS…just to clarify. It just seems that it isn’t such a tragedy if the GM’s and Coach’s voted for it? Would they really just “give it” to him because they respect him? Doesn’t seem likely from such competitive people.

“It just seems that it isn’t such a tragedy if the GM’s and Coach’s voted for it? Would they really just “give it” to him because they respect him? Doesn’t seem likely from such competitive people.”
This is the argument that I do find compelling in response to the sabermetrically-driven attacks on Jeter’s GGs. I would not have blinked if Jeter didn’t win the award and frankly was surprised to hear that he did this year. But I think the value and merit of all awards is largely determined by who does the selecting. And in the case of the GG, whatever fans or statisticians say, it is meaningful when the coaches and managers vote for a player.
As for Ichiro, as great as we all know he is, I still think he is under-rated. If this guy had started his career here, he would be well on his way to ranking as one of the top 10 players of all time career-stats-wise. He is just stunningly good at all aspects of the game and has been for a long time.

> As for Ichiro, as great as we all know he is, I still think he is under-rated
IH, I think you are right. I’m stunned by some of the negative press he gets to this day. “Slap-hitter” bullshit. It actually might not be possible for me to “Over-Rate” him without making myself a clown and maybe this sounds like sunshine-up-the-ass, but I am certain that he is as unique a player to this generation of baseball as any player in any era. If his pro seasons in Japan were spent in the Major Leagues, right now today it would not even be an argument that he stands at the top with the greatest hitter/baserunner/fielders to every play the game. It’s a case one could make right now. But by our current definition he came into “the game” as a rookie at 27 years old. That he is (1) Japanese and (2) spent his career in Seattle gets him discounted as a slap-hitter. It pisses me off. I sure do love watching that guy play baseball.

This is uncomfortable for me because I think I began to stray into “mysticism” in the last comment, but I believe there are certain players that {don’t necessarily break, but} bend the measuring devices.

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