Meanwhile, in the Bronx, it

Meanwhile, in the Bronx, it seems like there’s a nasty case of Back to the Future developing. Why does it all of a sudden seem like we’ve been thrust ino to the mid 1980s. Mattingly’s back, and of course Willie’s still around (truth be told, we’d prefer an unretired Pags over Boone at 3rd). Meanwhile, George has seemingly foresaken the wise counsel of Stick Michael and Brian Cashman for his trusty old method of hiring big budget players whose best years are likely in the past. So instead of Beltran we have Lofton; instead of Guerrero there’s Sheffield, Pettitte is gone, and there remain questions at the back end of the staff. Meanwhile, Bernie Williams has been relegated to DH’but is Lofton really much better as a defensive replacement?’and there’s the threat that even this slot is going to have to be filled by Giambi (and who’s spelling him at first?) or even Sheffield. Nothing has been done to improve the team defensively. The Yankees have plenty of talent. Will it gel into one smoothly operating machine? We shall see….

Posted by YF on 12/17/2003 02:14:11 PM

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