Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss


Ah, I was right. I just had bad timing.  Welcome back, Theo.

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  • kinda a prolonged and clumsy negotiation.

    Nick January 19, 2006, 8:25 pm
  • Gosh darn it, A-Rod just can’t win. Obviously, he’s gonna have to give back his Mr. Indecision 2006 Award.

    YF January 19, 2006, 8:26 pm
  • How do you know, Nick? They sure did a good job keeping it on the DL! ;)

    SF January 19, 2006, 8:28 pm
  • The whole time-apart-brought-us-closer-together stuff is a little…brokeback mountain…not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    However, it sort of reads like the deposition of a battered spouse taking back the abusive partner. Could be a rocky road ahead.

    walein January 19, 2006, 8:52 pm
  • You wish.
    Straw, watch out for Walein’s grasp.

    SF January 19, 2006, 8:54 pm
  • I heard that Theo is sporting a big fat engagement diamond on his ring finger. ;)

    walein January 19, 2006, 8:58 pm
  • And so Theo said to Luchinno: I just can’t seem to quit you.
    And the fishing trips resumed…

    Nick January 19, 2006, 9:24 pm
  • What a bizarre saga. First, young Theo is a god in New England. Then Theo walks out — in a gorilla suit — but no one will say why. Then it’s Motel 6, with a light on in the window.
    Players complain. Players leave. Players want to leave. Players wonder who will play center and short. Players say Theo leaving hurt morale.
    Theo returns, but no one will say to what job. Theo left because he wants a younger team built around pitching and defense. Theo left because Larry wanted a less expensive team. Theo left because he can’t ? Lucchino. Theo stuck around like a bad smell because Henry loves him. Now we hear Henry has “issues” with Theo.
    And 3 months ago, an RSN source of comfort was, The Yankees have SOOOO much trouble with their GM and ownership.
    Bizarre. Theo and/or Lucchino, or is it Henry?, beat A-Rod hands down for indecision.

    john January 20, 2006, 5:46 am
  • I’m regretting saying this before I even spout it – but, I think I kind of agree with John here.
    Theo coming back is music (no pun intended) to my ears, but at what cost? By cost, of course, I mean within the organization and not money. Are there going to be new and strict rules surrounding the duties of both (clearly egomaniacal) front office super-heroes? I don’t know what “issues” John is talking about between Theo and Henry, but I do know that Henry took it upon himself to clearly say that he felt like he failed as an owner letting Theo walk away from the organization – so I highly doubt that there is some kind of conflict there now.
    In fact, I’d go one step further and say that all the “light on” talk form Lucchino was just to appease the owner. Lucchino clearly wanted no part of sharing a little bit of that power with the the likes of Theo, or anyone else. In my own opinion, this return agreement (after listening to EEI on the issue and hearing some of the rumors), has nothing to do with Lucchino, and more to do with Henry directly pleading with Theo to return.
    In this past two months, all of RSN has seen that Lucchino doen’t look as good professionally than he did with Theo in the wings making decisions. Not that I don’t think Theo was behind all of the recent moves anyhow, but clearly this team is building itself around good pitching and defense, and is willing to part with some of the stereotypical beliefs that a team needs to score 10runs per game to win in the AL East. Thinking that Theo had nothing to do with such things as Tavarez, getting Mota in that deal, getting Marte in that deal, and making sure Arroyo re-up’s is a little crazy since those are the things he clearly argued for in the fist place.
    Also, I think all parties probably knew (including most of RSN) this was going to happen – hence the co-GM’s they named earlier.
    I’m happy to have him back, and hopefully (if Henry has a brain) he will be in charge of Baseball operations and have nothing to do with the media, the revenue, the payroll or anything else that does not have to do with the guys on the field. Those lesser important (to the people like myself most other SF’s) aspects of running a front office should be left to Lucchino, and by all accounts, he’s really good at it. The only time Lucchino should get involved with the players or the team is when his big influence is needed to corner a team into a trade or does what he does best – spin the money into pretty good deals.
    Whatever. I’m happy. The Sox clearly have what we all wanted in the first place.
    Go Broncos.
    PS – The word on EEI last night, yesterday, and this morning is that the Sox are reportedly back in the talks with Cleveland for a deal involving Crisp and Marte —– anyone wanna bet this deal somehow goes down with some other recently signed player on the cheap? I hope not.

    Brad-SF January 20, 2006, 8:38 am
  • John’s right – bizarre. As for Epstein’s job title, I’d say that’s one of the more irrelevant parts of this saga. Most relevantly, it looks like he’ll move back in control of the personnel decisions, with the “co-GMs” as his subordinates. As for the Sox’ front office having problems, I’ll base judgment on how they’ve performed in the off-season – in my opinion they have had no problems at all, at least with their personnel moves. Emotional issues? Maybe, but that hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference with the strategy of the team.
    At the risk of repeating some earlier posts, this situation was probably resolved by a few things –
    1. Lucchino and Epstein either worked out their problems or Henry told them, in his capacity as Owner, what the structure was, and it made Epstein happy.
    2. Epstein got what he wanted or realized he wouldn’t get what he wanted anywhere, and that the Sox’ situation was as good (or as comparably confused) as any. And he was bored.
    3. Epstein blew all his money following Pearl Jam around and needed cash.
    4. Lucchino lost a game of quarters to Henry on New Year’s Eve and as payoff had to accept Epstein back in the fold.

    SF January 20, 2006, 9:13 am
  • I think this should be breaking news on Dirt Dogs or the Drudge Report:
    “SF and John-YF Agree!”
    Shocking. Just shocking.

    Nick January 20, 2006, 9:23 am
  • What a stink bomb for Lucky. He takes a PR hit over his power grab but doesn’t get the pay-off. In fact, he has less leverage than he had before the leak.
    First Koby and Shaq, now Theo and Larry? Where have all the grudges gone?

    lp January 20, 2006, 11:30 am
  • SF how can you possibly say that the Sox FO has had no problems this off-season. They lost Johnny Damon to a hated rival, creating a huge hole up the middle and losing a good leadoff hitter. And don’t tell me it was just the money, the Sox FO clearly blew the negotiations and made Damon feel unappreciated.

    Joe January 20, 2006, 12:02 pm
  • For the outrageous price/time he demanded and subsequently got, I’d say the Red Sox did just the right thing.
    Remember, there are a lot of good hitting and defensive CF’s going to be available soon.
    Just not to NY – they have theirs.

    Brad January 20, 2006, 4:35 pm
  • From the Globe:
    ”There was more than one issue,” Henry said before the announcement. ”There are issues between Theo and I that no one ever talks about.”
    BTW, that should be “Henry and me.”

    john January 20, 2006, 5:50 pm
  • John,
    The word “issues” doesn’t mean conflict all the time.

    Brad January 21, 2006, 10:40 am
  • It means conflict this time — take a look at the Globe article.

    john January 21, 2006, 7:29 pm

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