Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

How, loyal readers, are we to interpet George’s most recent outburst? Is this a return to the days of Howie Spira and big fat toads on the mound? Or shall we think of the ’05 Boss as more of a curmudgeonly but beloved grandpa who buys us all the toys in the store?

Cast your votes here….

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  • Nixon here, and I can vouch for the fact the Georgie boy ain’t changed a bit. I read the Post this weekend (yeah, we get the same crap down here, you know), and it looks like my old ballbusting friend is back. The last few years were a honeymoon, if you ask me.

    Tricky Dick February 28, 2005, 3:34 pm
  • He’s seen his ghosts. He’s all bluster now. A sweet old senile man who’s too cute to dislike.

    Little Tim February 28, 2005, 8:11 pm

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