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Mercy, Mercy Me

Puerto Rico torched the USA 11-1 in WBC play yesterday, a drubbing so darn bad that it invoked the dreaded mercy rule, surely intended more for teams like South Africa, China, and the surprising Netherlands, who the Yanks (not the New York variety) face tonight in an elimination game. Exciting! We're all for honkball, but patriots that we are we must insist the Dutch run end this evening. "Buy me some broodjes and pickled herring…."? Just doesn't sound right. So let's stick with peanuts and cracker jack. USA! USA! USA!

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I was at Buffalo Wild Wings last night when the game was on, and there was a table full of Puerto Rican guys cheering on their team. It started off innocently enough, but turned into them standing up chanting “PUERTO RIQUENO!” and pointing at everyone else in the restaurant.
Thanks a lot, backup USA coach. That’s what you get for starting DeRosa over Pedroia!

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