Merry holidays and a joyous

Merry holidays and a joyous new year to one and all. The year’s end seems an appropriate time to review the good and the bad in our national pastime over the past 12 months, so, to start, here’s a shortlist of things to celebrate and be thankful for, in no particular order: -Derek Jeter. A gracious star who makes the most of NY, always says the right thing, and plays with athleticism and intelligence every day of the season. -Two books that pulled back the curtain to show us something of the inner workings of MLB, both on the field and in the executive suite: Michael Lewis’s “Moneyball” and Andrew Zimbalist’s “May the Best Team Win.” -The New GMs. Call them Bean Babies, if you will. A new guard of young, nimble, general managers are remaking baseball in Boston, Toronto, and elsewhere. -Postseason drama. Complaints abound regarding MLB’s playoff format, but this year’s postseason was dramatic from start to finish. -Jamie Moyer. -YSFS. A self-congratulatory cheer to ourselves, for our first year of intelligent and for the most part cordial debate on the state of baseball and its greatest rivalry. And we’re just getting started. The new year will bring an entirely new look and upgraded, interactive features to YFSF. Stay tuned. As for the worst of 2003, here are a few things we’re happy (or would be happy) to see in our collective rearview mirror: -Derek Jeter’s shoulder separation 3 minutes into the season. Let’s just hope things get off to a better start this year. -Steroids. It’s time for serious accountability from the players. -Sammy’s bat. -Zimmer vs. Pedro. -Bud Selig. As commissioner he has only inflamed tensions with the players, exacerbating and perpetuating baseball’s deceptive and murky economic situation; his decisions have benefited his teams and his friends at the expense of other owners; the franchise that he owns is under serious legal investigation. It’s time to step down. -Aaron Boone as a Yankee. The coup de grace on the Sox can’t justify all those errors and strikeouts. Back to the NL. -The Expos. Secours! -Ronan Tynan’s “God Bless America.” -“Cowboy Up” -A-Rod-for-Manny. -Partisan Politics at the Hall of Fame. *** YF is shortly departing for the exotic climes of the Subcontinent, so this will be the final posting for the next few weeks.***

Posted by YF on 12/28/2003 06:09:59 PM

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