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Might Be A Bit Squishy: Rangers-Yanks Gamer

Tyler Kepner tweeted that this game should get started around 7:40pm.  When it does, we will see C.C. on the mound for New York against Texas, who send undefeated Alexi Ogando.  The lanky right-hander has some scary numbers in his young career. Comment away.

I. Kinsler 2b .231
E. Andrus ss .275
J. Hamilton lf .289
M. Young dh .306
A. Beltre 3b .265
N. Cruz rf .229
M. Moreland 1b .305
Y. Torrealba c .246
C. Gentry cf .235
A. Ogando 2.10
NY Yankees
B. Gardner lf .272
C. Granderson cf .278
M. Teixeira dh .250
A. Rodriguez 3b .284
R. Cano 2b .285
J. Posada 1b .226
N. Swisher rf .221
E. Nunez ss .214
F. Cervelli c .191
C. Sabathia 3.15

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1-2-3 first for CC with Posada making two good plays at first base…
1-2-3 inning for the mighty, I mean garbage, Yankee offense as well…

> standings (…and scores)
Used to be there for some time, but it went away for quite awhile when the source data changed completely. Finally got around to writing new fetch/parse/auto-update code. Hopefully it stays solid for a bit.

“…It’s nice to score runs, huh?…”
let me help you sort it out…scoring runs is good, rbi’s are not so good…it’s known as “jd’s law”

Brian Gordon…What a season. Now we are going to trot out former OF’s who happen to be over 30 and throw in the high 80’s. Meanwhile the Sox are ready to call up former first rounder Andrew Miller. Injuries are never an excuse and not being prepared for them is just plain dumb when you are the Yankees or Sox. I think I am officially done with Cashman. I never thought this day would come.

i share your frustration john…not only have the yankees allowed themselves to get old on the front line and thin relative to replacement players, but the very thing cashman seemed to target as his primary objective in rebuilding the team: assessing, acquiring, and developing young talent, just doesn’t seem to be happening…you know darn well on almost any other team montero and one of the 3 B’s would already be at the major league level…the yanks are so concerned about eroding their trade value by bringing them up too soon, that they are wasting away in the minors…i say don’t just be “done” with cashman, be done with the scouting system, trainers, coaches at all levels, the whole shootin-match…the yankees not only spend more money at the major league level, i’d bet they spend more money at every facet of the game…and they now have a flawed product to show for it…sure they’re hanging in there, but i don’t see this team overtaking the sox over the long haul, and that object in the mirror that is closer than it appears is the rays about to rear-end the yanks out of 2nd place…

I was disappointed when the Yankees didn’t get Lee, but I am far more disappointed that landing Lee was so gosh darn important to our season. It’s crazy to think the Yankees or any team could have a viable backup at all of the positions they’ve had injuries, but if nowhere else they should always have depth at SP. The Sox have lost SP and who do they have waiting…Aceves, Dubrount, Wakefield, Miller…That’s called being prepared. It’s absolutely shameful that the Yankees are in this position. Forget the big bomb trades the Yankees need 2-3 small bombs and hopefully we get Hughes back soon…

We do seem to baby our prospects and then once they actually get to the Bronx…they pretty much suck. Why not trot them out there and see what they have. Are these kids really going to get better playing against inferior competition if they are that good? Why can other teams have young kids playing and playing well, but we can’t? Competition is a healthy thing, especially for the older players who are maybe a little too comfortable???

What the hell? The Yankees, to this point, have arguably been the best team in baseball (if you like run differential and strength-of-schedule statistics), and we’re all of a sudden ‘done’ with the guy who put together the team? It’s not even like the Yankees are in last place, they’re ONE GAME (in the loss column) behind the Red Sox who just came off an historic 9-game run and despite going 1-8 against them on the season.
Brian Jordan possibly being trotted out is a reason to hate on Cashman? Wasn’t everyone saying the exact same thing when they signed Bartolo Colon? I think the guy has earned a tiny bit of slack in this department.
Every year I have to say this. Perspective. It is required to stay sane throughout a baseball season. No, it has not been fun at all watching the Yankees bend over for the Red Sox again and again. Yes, it sucks that the team has 11 team members, bench players and key contributors alike, on the DL. But honestly, the team is in a pretty darn good place despite all that. Can we just…enjoy baseball without declaring the season over and the Yankee organization an embarrassment any time they’re not in first place?

Who said the season was over? I can’t criticize the Teflon GM?
Listen, this isn’t doom and gloom it’s disappointment. I am allowed to be disappointed. Cashman gets pass after pass after pass, I am done giving him passes. When the Sox have guys like Ace, Miller, Dubrount, Wakefield, etc…waiting in the wings and we have Brian Gordon, somethings wrong. Point blank the Yankees should have been better prepared to deal with injuries. That means having a minor league system with both prospects and guys ready to fill in if need be. He has a $200 million payroll, he has no excuses.

And please don’t paint me as “the typical Yankee fan”…I never called the organization an “embarrassment” nor does this have anything to do with not being in 1st place…I’ve been pissy about our pitching situation/lack of depth since January, nothing has changed.

But the Yankees are like, 4th in the league in pitching. I’d say their depth has held up pretty well.
Cashman gets a pass because he’s built a team that’s arguable the best in the majors. He gets major props for Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia. How have the Yankees not ‘dealt with injuries’? They have ELEVEN guys injured and are still one of the best teams in the league. Am I missing something here?
And okay, the Sox have Aceves (who the Sox quickly figured out is not a starter), Wakefield (who isn’t anything special), Doubront (hasn’t started a game), and Miller (has yet to start a game). Why are we so envious of that?
I get that you’re frustrated, but what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. The Yankees actually do have several viable options in AAA, they’re just choosing to try out a fungible guy who they think is a better option. Why don’t we see what happens before being ‘done’ with Cashman? I’d say he’s acquitted himself pretty nicely so far.

In fact, it could be said that Brian Gordon ADDS to the Yankees’ depth. None of the AAA guys are suddenly gone just because the Yankees decided to sign Brian Gordon.
So if you’re arguing the Yankees don’t have enough depth, I don’t see how you have a problem with this move.

“Can we just…enjoy baseball without declaring the season over and the Yankee organization an embarrassment any time they’re not in first place?”
Um…no. Do you know me at all???

Haven’t seen the lineup but am about to walk into the shrine so I’ll find out soon enough. Bummed re: no Jeter, no record, but it is a PERFECT night for baseball and I’m in my favorite seats (favorite as in I can afford themm AND like their quality — 1st row bleachers…Hit it here Alex!!!

Swisher is leading off IH…Gardner is sitting:
Swisher, RF
Granderson, CF
Teixeira, 1B
Rodriguez, DH
Cano, 2B
Jones, LF
Pens, 3B

You should have brought a sign so I could find you IH!!!! Here’s to hoping we actually pull this one out for you…
I’m heading out so I can watch the Yanks and the Canucks…

Thanks Krueg!
Don’t worry – Swisher is going to surprise you man – and I love being able to pull that speed off the bench whenever needed. As for the bottom of the line-up, I’ll make my Johnny Rockets burger + shake runs when they come up!

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